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by Pierce Brosnan Fate Doctor will debut in the DCEU movie black adambut the character may face an uphill battle due to the similarities between her origin story and that of the MCU. moon knight. Marvel and DC have many characters with similar backstories and powers. Over the years, fans have compared Namor to Aquaman, Green Arrow to Hawkeye, Batman to Iron Man, and Thanos to Darkseid. Sometimes the similarities are so obvious that they present a problem for a character’s live-action adaptation.

Doctor Fate is the nickname several DC characters adopted after receiving Nabu’s Helmet and Anubis’ Amulet, granting them a wide assortment of magical powers and mystical weapons. Kent Nelson, the first Doctor Fate, was a key member of Golden Age teams such as the All-Star Squadron and the Justice League’s predecessor, the Justice Society of America, acting as the world’s primary protector in matter of sorcery. All of these features make Doctor Fate the direct DC equivalent of Doctor Strange, but it’s the hit of the MCU Disney+ series. moon knight which Brosnan’s character has to worry about.

Kent Nelson first formed a mystical connection with the cosmic being Nabu while exploring a tomb in Mesopotamia, where his archaeologist father died. Nabu took Kent under his wing and chose him as a host, making him a new avatar for the Lords of Order. Nabu also provided him with a suit, cape, and helmet, and took control of his mind and body, causing Kent to question reality. Several hosts later, Khalid Nassour, one of Kent Nelson’s descendants, was chosen by the Egyptian gods as their new avatar, which Nabu could access through the Helmet of Fate. It’s all incredibly similar to Marvel’s moon knightdown to the ancient tomb, the manipulative deity, and the psychological effects the hero suffers.

Doctor Fate’s mythological background isn’t the main issue. Egyptian mythology is a source of great creative inspiration that has arguably not been explored enough in Hollywood. It’s the rest of Doctor Fate’s story that’s far too similar to Moon Knight’s. The success of the MCU series and its proximity to black adamThe October 2022 release date might make Brosnan’s Doctor Fate seem like an MCU impersonator, despite the fact that the character debuted in 1940, predating Marvel’s Moon Knight by 35 years. Oddly enough, Doctor Fate also predates Doctor Strange by 23 years, as Marvel launched its Master of the Mystic Arts in 1963. If any character could be considered “the original,” it would be Doctor Fate.

Doctor Fate and Moon Knight’s Obviously Similar Origin Story, Mythological Background, and Character Arc Envy black adam to put a new spin on the classic Golden Age character. Fortunately, Doctor Fate has over 80 years of comic book history and eight different iterations of the character to draw from, with many complex (and often contradictory) stories that can provide black adam‘s Doctor Fate with an original twist that sets it apart. At least, black adam can take advantage of Fate Doctorrole of in the DCEU’s Justice Society to differentiate it from moon knight.

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The MCU Gave The DCEU’s Doctor Fate A Big Trouble – GameSpot

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