The Marseillais, scripted program? A former candidate makes revelations

A former candidate of “Marseillais” has made recent revelations and swung that certain intrigues of the flagship program of W9 would be assembled from scratch. More details in this article.

It will be ten years since The people of Marseilles hit the small screen. It was in November 2012 that the first season in Miami was broadcast on W9following the success of Ch’tis. And over time, the merry band of southerners ended up replacing their competitors, whose audiences for the show were no longer there.

Since then, every year, the Marseillais take off for new adventures all over the world, to the delight of viewers. In the meantime, some emblematic members have left the ship, such as Stéphanie Durant, Kim Glow or Antonin Portal, who would have been ousted by Kevin Guedj. The latter also left the show last year, after the scandal of the witchcraft affair suffered by his wife, Carla Moreau.

New cast members

Also, the production called upon new candidates to host the show. Benjamin Samat thus made his big comeback after several years of absence, while Maeva Ghennam quickly became an emblematic candidate since its beginnings in The Marseillais Australia.

However, if the sulphurous brunette subsequently chained the filming, other candidates will have made only one appearance on the show. Like Cloé Cooper, who will leave the Australian adventure during filming, or Laura Marra and Léna Guillou, both discovered in The Marseillais in Dubai. And Léna remembered an anecdote that made her think differently the small world of reality TV.

Léna Guillou in the Marseillais in Dubai / @AGENCE HOP / M6

“I did not understand the cogs at all”

During a question and answer session organized this Monday, July 25, 2022, the darling of Adil Rami reacted to the message of one of his subscribers:

In all honesty, I didn’t like you in The people of Marseilles. But now, wow! You are simple and fresh. What I like the most is your personality. I feel like you didn’t really show who you were on TV.

Words that the pretty brunette approved:

I often receive this type of messages and for the new ones, I answer them again. But it was my first reality show. In off as in in, the people were not always the same. So I wasn’t sure what should be true, what shouldn’t be true, who was acting or not.

Then, Léna Guillou let herself go some revelations regarding the filming of Marseilles in Dubai. She recounted the conditions under which his flirtation with Pagawhile he was in a relationship at the time with Luna Skye:

To tell you the truth, I even told P. (Paga, Editor’s note) off that if he had to kiss me to bring his girlfriend, I understood and in this case, I thought it was l ‘acting. He had told me that no, that he liked me.

She started. And to explain that she had surprised the Marseillais going back on his statements during a conversation:

But while listening at the door, he had told someone that he had to do it to bring his girlfriend… Well, in short, quite a delirium. So I did not understand the workings at all at that time, nor the strategy of some. Or at least, I seized it but quickly.

Anyway, the former candidate of the Princes and Princesses of Love 9 drew a line under his first experience on TV and was not more than affected:

Now that’s over and I don’t blame anyone. I make my little life and I wish them success in their field to each.

No hard feelings, then.

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The Marseillais, scripted program? A former candidate makes revelations

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