The Marseillais: Julien Tanti and Kevin Guedj finally reconciled?

Julien Tanti and Kevin Guedj, whom you know from the show Les Marseillais, would finally be ready to reconcile.

Yesterday, Julien Tanti and Kevin Guedj found themselves on an Instagram live. Something to surprise internet users who thought that the Marseillais would never speak to each other again. The MCE TV editorial explains everything from A to Z!

Why are Julien Tanti and Kevin Guedj at war?

If you follow The people of Marseilles for a long time you have known that Julien Tanti and Kevin Guedj have always been very good friends. But for almost a year, the two reality TV candidates hardly speak to each other anymore.

You should know that their wives, Manon and Carla, don’t get along at all. But things really started to get out of hand when the second was suspected of witchcraft.

Indeed, the latter would have appealed to a clairvoyant in order to wish and cause harm to some of his friends. Since this affair, Carla and Kevin Guedj have had no choice but to distance themselves from the Marseillais.

At the same time, Julien Tanti affirmed that his friend had criticized him behind his back. “What do you call a person who talks about you behind your back????? »had written the King of problems, on his Snapchat account, in May 2022.

The latter had also published an old photo of him alongside Kevin, whom he had crossed out. “Is that called a draft? »he then concluded.

But then did the situation change between the two old friends? It would seem so. The MCE TV editorial staff tells you more about them in the rest of this article.

Will the Marseillais reconcile?

In view of the situationInternet users were surprised when they discovered that Julien Tanti and Kevin Guedj were live Instagramthis Tuesday, June 28, 2022.

In reality, if they talk to each other again, it’s because they’re going to participate on the same reality show. No, it’s not about Marseilles. It is The Secret Metaan NFT-based program.

According to the rumors circulating on the web, several candidates will meet for twenty days in a virtual villa. They will have the right to everything. Of course, they will be tested by NFT The Secret Meta cardholders. At the key, there will be €200,000. Well then, that’s a very nice sum!

Unlike Julien Tanti, Kevin Guedj knew he was going to have to face his former friend Marseille. One thing is certain, in any case, the darling of Manon can’t go back.

“They told me I wasn’t ready. But the problem, is that I signed the contract. I have to accept. »he confided during this live Instagram.

Regarding his friendship with Kevin Guedj, Julien Tanti was very clear. ” Attention. ‘Cause if we’re in the metaverse, we will have to explain ourselves. There is no off. »he swung.

What is reassuring is thatthere is always so much complicity between the two Marseillais. “I’m pissed at you and you manage to make me laugh. It’s too much. », exclaimed Julien Tanti. Still, it was a pleasure for fans of Marseille to see them together. To be continued.

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The Marseillais: Julien Tanti and Kevin Guedj finally reconciled?

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