The forces of evil are invading us and no one is talking about it, except CNews: viewers shocked by this moon show

Remember when, when we were younger, our grandparents told us that cartoons were mind-numbing and that it was better to read books? When our parents reminded us not to believe what was said on the Internet because there was a lot of nonsense? Surprise, they are now the targets of fake news on Facebook and programs as WTF as they are stupid on television. Latest example? Simply CNews.

CNews surprises with its religious program

It is a reality more insidious than all viruses, more dangerous than all epidemics, more contagious also than all infections, but it is rarely mentioned and even less taken seriously.“, introduced the journalist of the show in search of spirit this Sunday, October 2, 2022, before swinging without stuttering the biggest possible enormity: “This reality is the forces of evil, in all their manifestations. They extend their power in all spheres of society, the news amply shows it to lead us to despair“.

Yes, when we thought that the title of the most uncomfortable sequence of the year was intended for slam and its ultra cringe response contender, this show has finally taken the crown and blasted the competition as it turned out to be as mind-blowing as WTF.

A program moved to a news channel?

With a program rich in totally far-fetched debates capable of passing off the pillars of PMU bar counters for philosophers based on “Angels and demons, how to fight against evil and against the devil?“, “Witchcraft“, “Was there a civil war in Heaven?” or “The role of an exorcist“, CNews has become the space of an hour the scene of a surreal sequence which must have depressed more than one comedian as it has itself exceeded the stage of parody.

And inevitably, when we know that most religions, other than Christianity, are frowned upon in France and regularly subject to heated debates that border on racism, on CNews in particular, the fact of seeing this same channel open the door to such a program embodied by journalists with guests with improbable words (poke this priest who notably came out without trembling: “We have through the church a power over the Devil“) made many viewers cringe.

angry viewers

Why bother with reason and critical thinking when a bigoted traditionalist takes over the media? #Bollore” can we read on Twitter, just like “Incredible time zones, in Paris it is 11 p.m. while in Tokyo it is 6 a.m. and in the offices of CNEWS we are in the 17th century“, “I who believed that poverty, exclusion or racism were the causes of our problems when in fact it’s just that we lack the baptized. To say that we’ve been racking our brains for so long, quickly have to pass a law to force everyone to be baptized AND EVERYTHING WILL BE BETTER” or “It’s purely amazing this kind of show, in 2022.. Damn it’s not possible to fall so low in obscurantism and stupidity!“.

The message has passed, but it should not be heard by the leaders.

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The forces of evil are invading us and no one is talking about it, except CNews: viewers shocked by this moon show

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