The Cleaning Lady I Recently Hired Is Mysterious: July Release, PV

“The Maid I Hired Recently Is Mysterious” conditions you to be wary of the pretty maid, but it’s not until it starts airing that you’ll know poor Lilith is only a victim of his master’s overactive imagination.

Yuuri, the master in question is a little boy who inherited a mansion. Every day his mind is stunned by this cute girl who cooks, cleans and takes care of him without complaining. He can’t take his eyes off the beauty and thinks it’s because he’s been bewitched.

The adorable comedy series, The Maid I Recently Hired Is Mysterious, has been greenlit for an anime adaptation and will premiere in July 2022.

Check out the latest trailer for the upcoming series to learn more about this lovely chemistry between the two protagonists, Yuuri, the little master, and Lilith, the good “suspect”.

TV Anime “The Maid I Hired Recently Is Suspicious” Teaser PV | Broadcast in July 2022

Yuuri lost his family as a child and has to live alone in the mansion. He has no money to pay butlers or maids, and the video’s intro explains his condition beautifully.

Thus, he obviously becomes suspicious when an excellent maid comes to work for him for free. No matter how hard Yuuri tries, he cannot find out her true intentions and ends up imagining Lilith’s affection as witchcraft.

The newly released visual also gives us a glimpse of how Yuuri relentlessly spies on Lilith at all times, which makes the maid blush.

The voice actors behind this cute duo have also been revealed:

Personage Cast Other works
Yuuri Saori Hayami Yumeko Jabami (Kakegurui)
Lilith Rie Takahashi Emily (Re:ZERO)

SILVER LINK and BLADE studios are in charge of the animation, and some staff members have also been revealed:

Post Staff Other works
General director Mirai Minato Grand Jahy will not be defeated!
Director Misuzu Hoshino Camp Relaxed (Episode Director)
character designer Machi Yoshino
Composer Koji Fujimoto, Osamu Sasaki sus4 Inc, Eyeshield 21 (ED)

The Maid I Hired Recently Is Mysterious is a light-hearted comic manga with four pages per chapter, which will make it difficult to animate normal-length episodes. Nonetheless, it’s a great series that’s sure to make you laugh at Yuuri’s ridiculous guesses.

About the maid I hired recently is mysterious

The maid I hired recently is mysterious is a manga series by Wakame Konbu. It was launched in Gangan Joker magazine in January 2020, it was authorized by Yen Press. It will also receive an animated adaptation.

The story centers on Yuuri, a little boy who is taken in by a housekeeper, Lilith. The maid is a superb cook and does all the chores neatly, which makes him suspicious. What ulterior motive does she have to work for free? Or is she just a loving woman?

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The Cleaning Lady I Recently Hired Is Mysterious: July Release, PV

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