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Happy spooky season! We’ve been through another Hot Girl and City Boy summer, temperatures have dropped, and pumpkin spice is creeping onto menus. And for those of us who like to have fun, it’s time for Halloween movies that often feature witchcraft and sorcery.

Black witches have often been discounted when discussing history’s most infamous wizards and according to black witches themselves are often portrayed negatively as “malevolent”, although black witchcraft is often belief-based. ancestral from Africa. On screen, black witches apparently don’t exist, and several women who actually do root work and Santeria have decried it.

Thankfully, we’re starting to see a greater portrayal of powerful dark witches on TV and in movies.

As spooky season continues, take a look at some of our favorite black witch portrayals in Hollywood.

The Black Witches We Love on TV and Movies

Marie Laveau – American Horror Story

American Horror Story character “Coven” Marie Laveau was loosely based on a Louisiana Creole herbalist and voodoo practitioner in the 1800s. Angela Bassett gave an impressive performance as the show’s third season antagonist, playing the character of a modern day voodoo priestess. In a quote from episode 3, Laveau explains the power behind his magic.

“We are more than pins and dolls. Everything you have, you got from us.

Marie Laveau fights for respect as a powerful witch while engaging in a long-running feud with racist black magick practitioner Delphine LaLaurie.

Bonnie Bennet – The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie Bennett was a female lead in the CW sci-fi drama The Vampire Diaries, and she embodied the sense of ancestral power. Kat Graham delivered a captivating performance as the 5th Generation Witch Bennett – the most powerful clan of witches settled in Mystic Falls. Throughout the eight seasons, viewers have seen young Bonnie discover and strengthen her powers to save her friends.

Rochelle Zimmerman – The job

Could we really make a list of black witches without Rachel True’s character in The Craft? Nope!

Rachel True starred as Rochelle Zimmerman, an aspiring teenage witch seeking revenge on schoolyard bullies. Rochelle formed a coven with three other students, and they began practicing “the craft”. However, things take a dark turn when they discover they have to pay a dark price for the dark arts.

Vincent Griffith – Originals

As one of the few dark witch characters on modern television, Vincent Griffith has arrived on The originals representing a long line of witches originating from New Orleans.

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The Black Witches We Love in TV and Movies E! News UK

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