The 10 most expensive LEGO sets of all time – November 2022

10307 Eiffel Tower is not cheap – but where does the last one come from? LEGO Icons historical ranking among the most expensive sets of all time?

If you feel like we just updated our regular overview of the most expensive LEGO sets never released, it’s because We were doingfollowing last month’s revelation of Hulk Buster 76210. But we’re in the mega release season now, when it’s stupidly expensive LEGO sets beat our bank accounts every few weeks, and that means it’s already time to update this list yet again.

The culprit this month is 10307 Eiffel Towera surprisingly ambitious recreation of the iconic Parisian structure that also happens to be the greatest LEGO set of all time. Does that also make it the most expensive? Scroll down to find out.

10 – 71043 Hogwarts Castle

Theme: Harry Potter Price: £409.99 / $469.99 / €469.99 Rooms: 6,020 Available: Nowadays,

The 10th most expensive LEGO all-time set – at least after the September price increases – is 71043 PorcartChâteau de s. You will need to remit £409.99 to the LEGO Group to bring home this huge micro-scale model, which sells for the same price as the retiree 75159 Death Star. The Wizarding School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has more bricks though, so it just trumps that gray space ball in our books.

9 – 76405 Hogwarts Express Collector’s Edition

Theme: Harry Potter Price: £429.99 / $499.99 / €499.99 Rooms: 5,129 Available: Nowadays,

LEGO Harry Potter 76405 Hogwarts Express Collectors Edition Featured 2

Is it an exorbitant price LEGO Harry Potter not enough for you? Alright – how about two? 76405 Pigs Express Collector’s Edition tops the rest of the theme’s flagship sets in price, if not number of pieces, weighing in at £429.99 in the UK. For your money you will get one of the longest LEGO all-time sets, with a train that’s way too big for regulars LEGO rails – and countered by building his own.

8 – 76210 Hulkbuster

Theme: Marvel Price: £474.99 / $549.99 / €549.99 Rooms: 4,049 Available: Nowadays,

LEGO Marvel 76210 Hulkbuster Featured 1.jpg

What’s big, dark red, and doesn’t look that much like a Hulkbuster? Why is it Hulk Buster 76210. Suffering slightly from his possibly misguided desire to fit 76206 Iron Man Figure inside, the receipt of this wallet LEGO Marvel set wasn’t great – and that’s largely down to its not-so-heroic price tag of £474.99, for just 4,049 pieces.

7 – 10276 Colosseum

Theme: LEGO Icons Price: £474.99 / $549.99 / €549.99 Rooms: 9,036 Available: Nowadays,

LEGO for adults 10276 Colosseum lifestyle 1 resized featured

The last LEGO Icons landmark was also briefly the largest LEGO all-time set (by number of pieces), but has since been surpassed by 10294 Titanic, 31203 World Map and now 10307 Eiffel Tower. But fourth place is still pretty good, and seventh place on this list isn’t too bad either. In return, you get a build that might not be the most exciting you’ve ever undertaken, but the result is really something else entirely.

6 – 75331 Razor Crest

Theme: LEGO Icons Price: £519.99 / $599.99 / €599.99 Rooms: 6,187 Available: Nowadays,

LEGO Star Wars 75331 The Razor Crest Featured 1

If the absence of LEGO Star Wars on this list so far has had you scratching your head, don’t worry: we’re going to be making an extended visit to a galaxy far, far away across the rest of it. Things start with 75331 The crest of the razor, the newest addition to the Ultimate Collector’s series, which retails for a hefty £519.99 premium in the UK. How many Beskar do you think this could buy you?

5 – 10307 Eiffel Tower

Theme: LEGO Icons Price: £554.99 / $629.99 / €629.99 Rooms: 10,001 Available: November 25

Lego Icons 10307 The Eiffel Tower Lifestyle Tabletop Building Featured

While most of us expected 10307 Eiffel Tower arrive at the same price as 10294 TitanicThe current RRP – i.e. after the price increase in September – will actually cost the same as the ship originally launched in 2021. Hard to say what this means for LEGO in the long termbut for now, take comfort in this huge – and extremely gray – retail outlet for “just” £554.99.

4 – 10294 Titanic

Theme: LEGO Icons Price: £589.99 / $679.99 / €679.99 Rooms: 9,090 Available: Nowadays,

Featured LEGO® Adult 10294 Titanic Lifestyle Display Table

What did we just say about 10294 Titanic? Oh yes, it’s more expensive now. Originally available last year for £554.99, the LEGO The band have since upped it to £589.99. Maybe you can pretend to buy a first class ticket now? Not that anyone buying a cheap basement ticket on the cruise liner could have afforded the LEGO model anyway. Most likely.

3 – 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer

Theme: Star Wars Price: £614.99 / $699.99 / €699.99 Rooms: 4,784 Available: Nowadays,

Featured LEGO Star Wars 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer

Buckle up: After this slight detour into a more colorful plane of existence, we’re firmly back in the gray. Star Wars territory for the rest of this list. Retirement 75252 Imperial Star Destroyerwhich has already sold at, debuted in 2019 for £649.99, but was later readjusted to £614.99 halfway through production. That’s still a big chunk of change for a triangle.

2 – 75313 AT-AT

Theme: Star Wars Price: £734.99 / $849.99 / €849.99 Rooms: 6,785 Available: Nowadays,

LEGO Star Wars 75313 AT AT Featured 6

Is this four-legged mechanical friend better than a real dog? Let’s weigh it. Advantage: you don’t need to take it with you for a walk. Disadvantage: building LEGO is not a great exercise. Pros: You don’t need to clean up afterwards. Disadvantage: you have to find a place to put it. Pros: It may be cheaper than a lifetime of vet bills. Con: it’s still £734.99 upfront…

1 – 75192 Millennium Falcon

Theme: Star Wars Price: £734.99 / $849.99 / €849.99 Rooms: 7,541 Available: Nowadays,

LEGO Star Wars 75192 Millennium Falcon Lifestyle Featured Resized

Also arrives at this higher level LEGO price level, and therefore on par with 75313 AT-AT for the most expensive set of all time, is 75192 Millennium Falcon. We gave it top spot for beating the walker piece count, but either of these sets will give you the ultimate LEGO an experience that can only be had by spending lots and lots of money.

The most expensive LEGO sets of all time

Position theme Set name Price Rooms
10 Harry Potter 71043 PorcartChâteau de s £409.99 / $469.99 / €469.99 6,020
9 Harry Potter 76405 Pork Express Collectors’ Eediting £429.99 / $499.99 / €499.99 5,129
8 Marvel Hulk Buster 76210 £474.99 / $549.99 / €549.99 4,049
7 Icons 10276 Colosseum £474.99 / $549.99 / €549.99 9,036
6 Star Wars 75331 The crest of the razor £519.99 / $599.99 / €599.99 6,187
5 Icons 10307 Eiffel Tower £554.99 / $629.99 / €629.99 10,001
4 Icons 10294 Titanic £589.99 / $679.99 / €679.99 9,090
3 Star Wars 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer £614.99 / $699.99 / €699.99 4,784
2 Star Wars 75313 AT-AT £734.99 / $849.99 / €849.99 6,785
1 Star Wars 75192 Millennium Falcon £734.99 / $849.99 / €849.99 7,541

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The 10 most expensive LEGO sets of all time – November 2022

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