Soulalyates or when Forbidden stories make us take bladders for lanterns

By Hassan Alaoui

Once again, as if their past crimes were not a lesson to them, the militias of Forbidden stories, for lack of subjects, are attacking Morocco and believe they are instrumentalizing the subject of collective lands, the soulaliyates

In its pathetic multifaceted campaign against Morocco, the ” band villain Forbidden Stories has just cracked a pseudo investigation into a no less alleged spoliation of collective lands, the soulaliates. Which would be torn from vulnerable owners. Therefore, we are immediately challenged for two reasons: the first is why this group of mercenaries is interested in a subject which falls strictly under Moroccan legislation, only interests Moroccans, concerns the internal life of Morocco and, it should be stressed again, constitutes a ” old subject debated in all directions in unfailing serenity for ages, involving the State, local authorities, associations and of course the citizens?

Why such a particular topic today? What agenda does the prescriber of this alleged investigation obey? If not to attack Morocco and its institutions. The choice of the moment of this publication is not fortuitous, it reflects a deliberate desire to be part of the spirit – the bad spirit – of a crisis whose aggravation is constantly growing between the Kingdom of Morocco and the France. Since the Pegasus affair, which our country has denounced with forceful arguments, in particular by bringing it before the French courts and confusing its manipulators, Forbidden stories never ceases to stuff us with revelations that reveal only the name, ultimately revealing themselves as burst pipes, exhausting itself above all in making us take bladders for lanterns.

The same people, a sad passion hanging on like a trinket, who are making a pathetic exercise in attacking Morocco by pouring out their hatred all the time, firing all the wood against its institutions, are now exhuming the subject of collective lands, ” soulaliates » on which a certain Omar Radi thought he was looking into in March 2022 on behalf of hostile newspapers, in particular Algerian ones, not without attracting the wrath of justice. The pseudo report that the follicular Omar Radi intended to publish was never anything other than a web of solicitations and false facts suitable to feed a witchcraft lawsuit against Morocco and its institutions. A real scenario of denunciation and fabulation deflated like a balloon. Omar Radi has responded neither to the false information peddled, nor to the complaints made to him of collaboration with foreign intelligence services, nor to the rape for which he was convicted and even less to that of lacking simple ethical vigilance. Everything therefore contributes to arouse in him not only a scrupulous suspicion, but to conceive in fact that he is the victim of proven manipulations. Even though Forbidden Stories would he start to defend it, to take up nonsense like ” despoiled land “, many months later, it is quite simply the shining proof of a relentlessness against Morocco which is today confronted with unspeakable campaigns, in particular on the side of official France.

Does this mean that Forbidden Stories has nothing left to eat to fuel its specious campaigns against Morocco? Yesterday it was Pegasus and the alleged violations of human rights, today it is the accusatory insults of the reform of collective lands, blown for sure by the same people. We pretend to hide or even forget that this reform, with a noble purpose, aims, among other things, to generate efficient sustainable development at the territorial level through the active participation of Moroccan capital, obviously contrary to the practices of yesteryear in France. colonial which exercised a real hegemony in this field. No doubt it should be emphasized that the problem of collective lands is neither more nor less a legacy of the French protectorate which, for 44 years, exploited the tribal lands of the Kingdom of Morocco as it pleased.

One would be tempted to pass the buck to the bodies affiliated with Forbidden stories to remind them of the multiple real estate scandals which France had made famous, in particular that of the Land guarantee in the sixties ; the scandal Apollonia, true revealer of a great scam and so on. The reform of collective land exudes the clearest transparency, it is the culmination of a modern and democratic vision, consensual and is above all part of the will of the State to act legally and in total transparency. Neither Forbidden storiesnor its Moroccan relays and the false noses which play with the opponents, hidden behind their pitiful halo, would not change anything there.

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Soulalyates or when Forbidden stories make us take bladders for lanterns

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