Sobriety: “The candle will allow everyone to feel united in precariousness”

The period we are living in is amazing and you can see that. After the time of screens, the time of yellow vests and the time of Covid-19 now comes the time of sobriety, which will give birth (like the other three times mentioned above) to its share of behaviors, trends and challenges. attitudes, each as surprising as the other, which it will obviously not be a question of judging with condescension but of welcoming and respecting with benevolence and open-mindedness, two qualities which characterize human beings who have decided to reside on the side of Good so that the world may live in peace without reproach or offense.

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Among these noble attitudes symbolizing this sobriety, there is obviously the bicycle, which has become the majority in the big cities and which every day tests our composure and our patience so as not to add work to the police who already have to manage the brawls on the forecourts of petrol stations and who will have nothing to do with the whining of pedestrians who are no longer respected as we speak. There is recently the wearing of turtlenecks, which are coming back into fashion, dusted off by members of the government, who we realize with great pride and emotion that they all have them and that obviously reassures us for we now have guides tracing the path to follow.

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There is the promotion of drying racks to replace clothes dryers, a subject deserving several tweets without a doubt. There will perhaps be a revival later on of the famous “door draft excluders” capable of cutting the wind and keeping the heat in our cottages, or even hot water bottles, because you will have to warm up well if you are one of the of the human species having decided to live without any sexual intercourse like more and more young people on this Earth.

Candle time

And in all this, we realize, not without a certain pleasure, that the candles also take advantage of the fear of the next power cuts to recover their health. Indeed, the Gifi and other Castorama that we like to visit during our weekends have noticed for several weeks now that customers are rushing to the candle rays as we were rushing to toilet paper during the first (already dark) hours of confinement. These small candles, which we will soon mourn the disappearance of their cousins ​​with the arrival of the electric 4L (which will no longer need them) are indeed selling like hotcakes.

“The candles of sobriety will rekindle our society which needed it. »

You tell me, it’s surprising. Why candles and not the Old Camper’s flashlights to make sure we have a little light when we read wrapped in a plaid (a product that is also doing well on the market right now)? But because the challenge with candles is to be authentic. And to feel genuinely poor. In the same way that we like to buy “old-fashioned” solid soap when we walk around Marseille, we will suddenly enjoy ourselves with the candles to believe ourselves miserable but happy as in The Little House On The Prairie. The strength of the candle is that it will allow you to live the experience of poverty, misery and hardship, situations of which some and some are sometimes envious because it allows you to have something to tell in the era of emptiness.

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Thus, the candle will allow us for an evening to feel like Charles Ingalls distributing bread equally to his daughters Laura and Mary. Suddenly, there will be seriousness and simplicity in spending an evening by candlelight. We will enjoy lighting them using matches that we will have found in the depths of a cupboard in our kitchen. And every evening, the smell of barely extinguished candles will make you feel like a birthday cake that has just been blown out.

The candle lights the misery

The candle will thus allow everyone to feel united in the precariousness of the moment. We will obviously forget that certain candles, magnificent and scented these, placed in a visible way in the toilets of this couple of friends or highlighted on their chimney as one would put a valuable trinket there cost a third of your monthly salary. But we won’t quarrel, because they smell good, and in a moment of misery, the beautiful and the good are not forbidden. Everyone will therefore have the right to make believe in their moment of misery, that it will obviously be a question of posting and telling on Instagram because the candle and Instagram will not be incompatible in sober society.

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Finally, the advantage of the candle is that it will allow some people to indulge freely and even more naturally than usual in seances of spiritualism and witchcraft, which many individuals love in our era. Maybe even young people fresh out of Sciences-Po and wanting to find meaning in their work will start making candles for the love of materials and witches. Authenticity, misery, smell and witchcraft. The candles of sobriety will rekindle our society which needed it.

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Sobriety: “The candle will allow everyone to feel united in precariousness”

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