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A new Marvel series starring Scarlet Witch is here, and it’s just what it needs after Magneto’s trial and the MCU’s Multiverse of Madness.

Wanda Maximoff is entering a new era as the Scarlet Witch, and her new Marvel series seems to be just what she’s been needing for years. With an all-new mission, costume, and an exciting new ally making her MCU comic book debut, Wanda is ready to be a superhero again, having been redeemed from her dark past while giving fans more representation. positive about his on-screen obscurity in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Stemming from the events of the recent Trial of Magneto miniseries where Wanda was finally redeemed and forgiven for nearly wiping out all of mutantkind during the House of M storyline, Steve Orlando and Sara Pichellli’s new Scarlet Witch #1 preview sees Wanda opening her own boutique in New York. Back as a legitimate superhero in the Marvel Universe, this new glimpse already seems like a fresh start with a bright new future for Wanda. Here are the preview pages and synopsis for the next issue:

Scarlet Witch Has Joined Forces With The Perfect MCU Character

  • There is a door that only appears to those who need it most, who have no one else in the world to turn to. On the other side of this door is the witchcraft shop. Friend or foe, human or otherwise, if your need is great and your hope is gone, you will meet the SCARLET WITCH! Wanda Maximoff is used to hitting rock bottom and now that she has finally found peace, she has pledged all her power to help others who are pining down. But when a woman comes to Wanda’s doorstep with the terrifying tale of a town gone mad, the Scarlet Witch will have to muster her wits and chaos magic to face an insidious threat!
  • Comedic powerhouses Steve Orlando (MARAUDERS; Midnighter) and Sara Pichelli (ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN; SPIDER-MEN) join forces to open a groundbreaking new chapter in Scarlet Witch history!

As this new preview reveals, the MCU’s Darcy Lewis is helping Wanda run her brand new emporium. Played by Kat Dennings in the Thor movies as well as WandaVision, this new series officially marks Darcy’s Marvel Comics debut (which is also rumored to have a new story). As such, it will be really exciting to see Darcy on the page and how she will help Wanda’s ongoing hero work.

Likewise, it seems that Wanda has enchanted a door that will reveal itself to those who are most desperate and in need, leading them directly to the Scarlet Witch who will pledge to help those who have no one else. It’s a perfect new mission for Wanda, one that should be incredibly fulfilling while probably pushing her magical abilities to their limits. After all, the most desperate are often those most at risk from the multiple threats the Marvel Universe has to offer.

A new era and a new status quo have arrived for Wanda Maximoff, and it’s time. The Scarlet Witch finally has the opportunity to be the hero she always wanted to be, having finally reached a place where her traumatic past and darkness can be left behind in favor of a brighter future. The complete Scarlet Witch #1 goes on sale Jan. 4 from Marvel Comics.

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Scarlet Witch’s New Comic Is Just What She Needs | Pretty Reel

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