Robert Philomé gives voice to imaginary characters in “Ephemeral Vagabondades”

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Literature enthusiasts and other cultural actors had responded to the call of the author Robert Philomé, in the company of the painter Kévens Prévaris. A beautiful meeting to promote the creations of the mind.

On the evening of November 24, 2022, a beautiful meeting was held in Belgium, against the backdrop of the presentation of the new novel delivery by Robert Philomé, which bears the title of Ephemeral Vagabondages.

From now on, the Haitian author and famous presenter on France 24 gives voice to imaginary characters through this novel, composed of 176 pages, released in May 2022.

In this novel published in Caraibeditions, the author presents the story of Gabriel, a drifting architect, voluntary exile from a country, Haiti, which he vomits in spite of himself.

From a chance encounter during his Parisian wanderings, a foreigner, a lover of high heels and Cuba, arrives like him on the other side of the ocean, these two characters will forge a relationship against a backdrop of polyamory, pleasures unbridled and waking dreams…

In this new literary work by Philomé Robert, which bears the seed of long nights and days between creation, intrigue, adventure and emotion, the author tries to make us travel in a novel romantic universe.

In a form of retrospective of the dictatorship, the characters of this novel invent us in a political voyage, while inventing historical landscapes, through the passages which follow: “When it was not the Doctor-President-for-life – Angel-exterminator who gave the order to cut down forests because, he claimed, they were only nests of armed rebels ready to attack him, when it was not the priests and pastors who set fire to it in order, according to them, to reduce the ravages of witchcraft among the peasants, it was the latter themselves who attacked the vegetation to make charcoal. Their livelihood was at stake. I was also thinking of dried up springs, emptied of their essence. I was thinking of lost or ethereal loves. Finally, I thought of Consuelo herself, who had stopped crying. I realized that through an unimaginable maelstrom, I had just confused my old tunes, my past bitterness with the end of our inner storms. She poured herself another glass of cachaça.

Extracts from this adventure allow us to salute the assiduous work of the author, who now gives voice to new imaginary characters, between dialogues and imaginary settings that merge with: ” The beginning of the endless night stretched out, indifferent to the dramas that were playing out. It displayed its asperities, its tottering shadows, its dashed hopes. They looked like banderillas, those things that matadors plant in the backs of bulls to murder them with the complicity of thousands of laughing and excited spectators. A slow torture, authorized by law, which basically says that our humanity had failed. That she had wandered into universes, past or future, I don’t care, which allowed our enjoyment to pass through the suffering of animals incapable of returning the favor to us”.

In this publication, the author intends to bring a new stone in the imposing wall of universal literature, particularly in the facade which offers a new look, to better discover the emotional and instinctive adventure of the most exciting “Ephemeral Wanderings”.

In the first pages of this literary landscape, Robert Philomé took the opportunity to greet in passing among the most important female figures of his closed circle. We remember the names of: Roxane, Moïra, her mother Alice, her sisters Christine and Marie Josée, and finally Ginette who has the dual status of sister-mother, while continuing to provide custody.

From one stone to several blows, Robert Philomé’s latest work is both an invitation to read and a celebration of the fragments of the author’s imagination and creativity, giving voice to imaginary characters, while pursuing its path in universal literature.

Dominique Domercant

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Robert Philomé gives voice to imaginary characters in “Ephemeral Vagabondades”

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