Repent of witchcraft!

By Tamime Khemmar.

It is true that the one who undergoes witchcraft is a victim of the one (or the one) who inflicted this witchcraft on her. But whoever committed this misdeed is also a victim.

He is the victim of chaiyouyear (the devil), he is the victim of his own evil desires, he is the victim of ignorance and he is the victim of the sorcerer or the witch who accomplished this evil work for him: witchcraft, as-ifhr.

An unjustifiable act

My sister ! Nothing can justify the fact that you bewitched your sister.

Can you imagine the doors of pain and unhappiness you opened for him?

Incurable illnesses, separations that tear families apart, loving hearts that drift apart, children who are deprived of their father or their mother… What irreparable damage!

The evil jinns that you sent on your sister and which will torment her day and night, preventing her from sleeping, from living peacefully, from having normal relations with her husband, from the heart and from the body… Do you know how much is this painful?

And all this for what?

To take her husband? Covetousness and jealousy.

To separate her from her husband without taking him? Pure and harsh jealousy.

This is all bad, it’s a work of the Chayyouân and who is not worthy of the one who believes in Allah and the Last Day.

Bewitching your sister, will it get you anything?

Do you believe, my sister, that when your sister’s husband leaves her, because of the spell of which they were victims, and comes to you that this will be profitable for you? Think again.

Not only will you have committed a serious sin whose consequences you will bear in this life here below and in the last life, but in addition, you will never be happy with it.

If it is his love that you are looking for, his heart will never turn to you, because you have attracted him by an occult work without it being of his own free will.

Then, a bond which is built on injustice and which is not acceptable to Allah, how can it succeed?

On the other hand, if your goal is only to deprive your sister of the happiness that you cannot bear to see in her, know that your heart is sick and that her illness is pure and hard jealousy.

Heal your heart by reading the Quran, by invoking Allah, by giving alms and do not let this evil destroy you.

Because jealousy is a fire that only burns those who suffer from it.

Accept the fate of Allah

Whoever resorts to witchcraft, out of jealousy towards his brothers and sisters, is actually opposing the destiny of Allah: al-qadar.

Why did Allah give him and did not give me? Why did Allah deprive me of it and grant it to him? Why ?

Do you know my sister that Allah is Al-Hakîm (the Wise) and that He puts a thing only in the place which is adequate to it? He gives something to someone, or deprives him of it, only because He knows that it will benefit him.

Allah is also Al-VSfood (the Learned) who knows what is good for you and for all men and women and what is not, better than anyone.

Why then oppose His judgment, criticize Him then, let the Chayyouân kindle the fire of jealousy in our hearts?

Look at the graces that Allah has granted you then look around you at how many people are deprived of them. This is the best way to be satisfied with the destiny that Allah has assigned to us, to be happy about it and to be grateful.

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Fear Allah my sister!

Fear Allah, subhanah, and be greatly afraid of the Day when you will stand before Him, you and your sister.

Before all the men and all the women, whom you know and whom you do not know, Allah will call you to account, will publicly reveal all your works and will give justice to your sister.

So repent, return to Allah and repair the harm you have done to your sister.

You will certainly find Allah Tawwâb (Who accepts repentance), Rahîm (Who shows mercy).

Allah is more knowledgeable

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Repent of witchcraft!

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