Poissy. The rapist was afraid of marabouts, sorcerers and prophetesses

The criminal court of Versailles (Yvelines) condemned a man for the rape of an 11-year-old child. Marabouts, sorcerers and prophetesses hovered over the file. (©78news)

This time, Papa Dadou, that’s his nickname, did not submit to the rituals of marabouts and others prophetesses. But rather to the obligations of the criminal court of Versailles.

This 38-year-old man from congowas accused of having violated a 11 year old childthe daughter of his ex-partner.

Events that took place between December 2020 and July 2021at Poissy and Quarries-sous-Poissy (Yvelines). With this very sordid aspect: if some touching took place behind closed doors of an apartment, most took place in the man’s car. In the parking lot of a shopping center.

These Thursday 17 and Friday 18 November 2022, the man appeared serene in front of the court. Responding graciously to all questions. Facing a young victim dressed in pink, closed face, curled up in her chair.

The case was revealed on July 12 last, when Virginie*’s mother pushes the door of the police station in Poissy. She says she discovered pornographic photos and video on her daughter’s phone. The whole thing went over the phone to her ex-spouse, by WhatsApp.

Heard, the young teenager will explain having had several sexual relations with the one she calls “Dad Dadou Mavie. »

By analyzing the device, the investigators will discover messages with strong sexual connotations.

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The prayers of the night

Heard, Papa Dadou, will quickly recognize the relationship with the 11-year-old girl. He will explain that it is an exchange of good practices.

“He says he kissed her and brought her sex in exchange for information about her mother. He also maintains that it allowed him to protect himself from her witchcraft, from the prayers of the night against him. In this context, he did not consider that he had raped the teenager whom he considered to be consenting and satisfied. »

During the first auditions.

An idea that will resurface in the instruction. Virginie confessed to a form of consent. Impossible to admit on the side of the experts. “She could not consent in an informed way to a sexual relationship”, slice a psychiatrist.

Breaking of benchmarks, rules and prohibitions

The account of the events clearly brings out a complete rupture of moral and social references, of respect and knowledge of rules and taboos. It also reveals an omnipresence of certain beliefs.

“This man is more afraid of marabouts and their powers than of French law. »

A police heard by the court.

This fear goes back to the childhood of the accused, born on July 12, 1984 in Lubumbashiin Democratic Republic of Congo.

Organ trafficking and sacrifice

The second child of nine siblings, he has lived through complicated events. His older brother had disappeared, kidnapped by soldiers who trafficked in organs. His mother had then decided to sacrifice him during a ritual with a marabout, because “He was the wisest child”. Failure.

Papa Doudou had been driven out of the family. Two times. He had found refuge with his grandparents.

Poisoned in Brazil

Leaving for Brazil, he had suffered poisoning with a chemical fertilizer poured into his food. He had decided to settle in France in 2008, as a mechanic.

These events deeply marked the accused, as recalled by the expert who heard him. “The respondent recognizes responsibility in the facts but he says that he was manipulated by the evil action of a marabout, of occult powers. »

“I am before justice, not before the world of darkness”

Against the wall, Papa Dadou confirms.

“What I experienced in Africa triggered a lot of things for me. When she told me about her mother’s prayers, my ex, I was scared. I thought about witchcraft. I wanted to see her for information on these rituals. All my life, I have been the victim of bad spells by sponsored marabouts. I thought an 11-year-old girl was competent to give consent. I didn’t know that French law prohibited it. My body was doing but my head wouldn’t. Today, I am before justice, not before the world of darkness.”

The accused.

She writes her answers

Virginie’s hearing was a long way of the cross. For nearly two hours, the child only managed to answer “yes” or “no”. She finally decided to write her answers, sitting like a schoolgirl at the office reserved for the bailiff. His head resting on his left hand.

With great difficulty, the court tears off a few words.

“It’s hard to talk about it. I’m ashamed of what happened. He is in jail. And if we hadn’t done that, he wouldn’t be here. It’s not good. Because he is an adult and I am a child. He knew it wasn’t normal. I didn’t want this to continue. I am sad because he is in prison. »

Virginia, the victim.

At these words, the Advocate General jumped up. “Virginie… There is a law in France which says that when you are a child, you cannot have relations with an adult. And it’s up to adults to find out. You didn’t send him to prison. But the judge who signed his committal order. And what he did to you. »

I believe in witchcraft”

Asked about the facts, Papa Dadou expresses his regrets.

“I’m too dirty. I had to refuse. Now that I know the seriousness, I will be punished by the judges. And that’s okay. But there were wizards. You don’t see them, but they see you. They judge me here, but my photos are over there… The risk for me was and still is to die. You don’t believe in it, but I do believe in these things of sorcery. »

The victim.

Friday evening, the court pronounced a sentence of 10 years of criminal imprisonment, accompanied by a socio-judicial follow-up for 5 year. The Advocate General had requested 12 year.

Cécile Naze-Teulié, the defendant’s lawyer, indicated that Papa Dadou was not going to appeal the decision.

*Name has been changed.

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Poissy. The rapist was afraid of marabouts, sorcerers and prophetesses

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