Pogba case: the mother of Paul and Mathias punches and gives her version of the facts

In an autobiography published this Wednesday, November 16, Yeo Moriba, the mother of the Pogba brothers, gave her version of the facts on the case which shakes her family. She notably assured that her son, Mathias, had been manipulated by relatives of the family in these blackmail cases.

A confessional book. This Wednesday, November 16, Yeo Moribathe mother of the Pogba brothers, published her autobiography, titled And in the end we win (Fayard), in which she recounts her journey, but also evokes a matter which “heart breaking”, the one between two of his sons, Paul and Mathias. “I was told to add it, at first I didn’t want to, it was difficult, and then the book was already done. But this episode happened… It’s very difficult to talk about it”she told AFP.

Yeo Moriba has thus agreed to add an epilogue where she returns to these accusations which led one of her twins, Mathias, to end up in prison, for suspicion of extortion in an organized gang against his younger brother, Paul. According to the mother of the family, his eldest son fell into “a trap, he was manipulated, held up by people who were close to us. We felt betrayed”. “These are big, big sharks”fueled by “extreme jealousy”she adds.

Yeo Moriba victim of pressure

On August 30, Mathias Pogba posted a video on social networks, in which he promised startling revelations about his brother Paul Pogba. He mentioned in particular the star of the grounds Kylian Mbappé. Since then, an investigation has been opened, Paul Pogba denouncing acts of racketeering and extortion in an organized gang.

According to information from France Info, Yeo Moriba would also have been under pressure. Last July, several strangers would have presented themselves in front of the apartment of the mother of the two footballers, and intimidated him claiming to have protected his son Paul Pogba for years “against people who wished him harm”. They would then have claimed the sum of 13 million euros, under threat of revealing the recording which proves that Paul Pogba called on a marabout to cast a spell on his teammate in the French team, Kylian Mbappé. In this regard, the player of Juventus of Turin had admitted having indeed appealed to a marabout, but only for a humanitarian association helping children in Africa.

According to Le Parisien last September, Yeo Moriba would also have been witness to threats. Indeed, on Wednesday September 14, five people, including Mathias Pogba, had been taken into custody. Among the individuals heard, three of them claimed to have themselves been victims of several threats from the crooks, and that the Pogba brothers’ mother would have attended these threats which would then have been carried out. Indeed, according to the revelations of the daily, the three individuals would have been targeted in order to put pressure on Paul Pogba. One of them reportedly saw his car burned, while another was shot in the hand. These attacks, all filmed, would have been shown to the mother of Paul Pogba in order to convince the latter to transfer the sums requested. A terrible affair that continues to haunt the Pogba family.

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Pogba case: the mother of Paul and Mathias punches and gives her version of the facts

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