Netflix unveils its new Castlevania nocturnal animated series through a first trailer!

Netflix continues to surprise us by unveiling its new projects day after day. Among the new anime presented it is impossible to miss the very popular Castlevania series.

The universe of Dracula, monsters, curse, magic and sword expands with a new series called Castlevania: Nocturne. According to the first trailer posted, this series will star Richter Belmont.

In this fantastic universe, mythical characters like Dracula and Alucard monopolize the spotlight with their charisma. However, we cannot praise the sensational performances of characters like Trevor Belmont the cynical monster hunter and his companion Sypha Belnades the beautiful magician.

The Belmont family will not die out since from the union of Trevor and Sypha was born Richter. Apparently the new series will tell the adventures of the young Richer who bears the name Belmont hated by all monsters. It was during the annual Geeked Week event that we discovered the Belmont son through the Castlevania: Nocturne trailer.

Apart from the trailer there is no information about the plot of the new season. But the look of the new character, his clothing style and his weapon are well shown in the presentation video. We will have to wait for details on a possible release date; the number of episodes and voice actors of Castlevania: Nocturne.

For those who want to catch up on the story and universe of Castlevania before the new season arrives, you have four delicious seasons on Netflix. The episodes aren’t heavy and the fight scenes are simply gorgeous.

Before being a series, Castlevania was first a very famous video game. It is in this universe that Richter made his first appearance. In the game Castlevania: Rondo of Blood from 1993, the character of Richter Belmont appears for the first time. Subsequently, in 1997 he will return in the title Symphony of the Night.

In games, Richter is the most powerful of the Belmonts. He even confronts Dracula who has come back from the dead for revenge and who has taken his girlfriend hostage.

Castlevania is an American animated series which was created by Warren Ellis and developed by Adi Shankar. It premiered on Netflix on July 7, 2017.

Summary: while the human Lisa Tepes was found guilty of witchcraft and then burned at the stake by the church of Wallachia, her husband Count Dracula decides to exterminate the human race down to the last being. His plans will be thwarted by Trevor Belmont a monster hunter and defender of men; Sypha Belnades a magician and Adrien Alucard Tepes the son of Dracula and Lisa Tepes.

Season 1 released in 2017 has 4 episodes namely:

  • Witch (Witchbottle)
  • Necropolis (Necropolis)
  • Labyrinth (Labyrinth)
  • Monument (Monument)

Season 2 released in 2018 has 8 episodes:

  • War Council
  • Ancestral homes (Old Homes)
  • Dark Forces (Shadow Battles)
  • The Broken Mast
  • Last Spell
  • The River
  • For love (For Love)
  • The end of times (End Times

Season 3 released in 2020 has 10 episodes:

  • Bless Your Dead Little Hearts
  • Devotion and Healing (The Reparation of My Heart)
  • Investigators
  • The Plan (I Have A Scheme)
  • Lindenfeld’s refinement (A Seat of Civilization and Refinement)
  • Un si beau rêve (The Good Dream)
  • Beyond Betrayal (Worse Thing Than Betrayal)
  • In the fury of the night (What The Night Brings)
  • The Harvest
  • Abandon All Hope (Abandon All Hope)

Season 4 released in 2021 has 10 episodes:

  • Murder Wakes It Up
  • When I’ll have the world (Having the World)
  • Who will live, will see (Walk Away)
  • A sacrifice (You Must Sacrifice)
  • Back in the World
  • Who wins (You Don’t Deserve My Blood)
  • A great work (The Great Work)
  • Death Magic
  • The Endings
  • What a funny adventure… (It’s Been a Strange Ride)

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Netflix unveils its new Castlevania nocturnal animated series through a first trailer!

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