Netflix: here’s why the Blood Origin series will be much shorter than The Witcher

At the end of December, fans of The Witcher can occupy themselves while waiting for the return of the series with Henry Cavill, through sound output prequel, Blood Originon netflix. If this one will unfortunately be particularly short, its showrunner, Declan de Barrawants to be reassuring on this subject.

The Witcher Blood Origin : “a punch in the face”

Whereas The Witcher will not be released until summer 2023, it is at Christmas, next December 25, that the four episodes of Blood Origin, its prequel series, will be released exclusively on Netflix. The opportunity for fans to dive back 1200 years in the past, to a time when Elves were very widespread and when the very first witcher was about to be created.

The series will also aim to teach us more about the Conjunction of the Spheres, the cataclysm during which many creatures from other universes appeared in the world, which would later lead to the creation of witcher schools. In short, a particularly busy program. So, how to tell everything in the space of only four episodes? The showrunner of the series, Declan de Barra, answered this question during a recent interview published on the official Netflix website.

It looks like a two-part movie. You never want to watch a movie and say, “I love this movie,” and then start looking at your watch and say, “Oh please, let it end.” I didn’t want there to be any moments where viewers felt trapped. The way the story is told has always had to feel logical and natural, and we have the advantage of not being a series formatted with rules concerning the length of the episodes or their number. So when we were in the writing room, this structure took shape organically, depending on the images that we had shot. It’s the perfect pacing for our story. I wanted it to feel like a smack in the face, so you couldn’t look away.

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A structure and a rhythm which would therefore have been specially chosen to The Witcher: Blood Originwithout any external constraint. We should therefore have the right to a series without downtime, and which will have the merit of being easier to follow than season 1 of The Witcher : “It’s more of a linear adventure. It’s always the same timeline, so you don’t have to worry about that when you watch. [la série]”.

The first witcher “model” in sight

Know that The Witcher: Blood Origin will only last four episodes to maintain a steady pace throughout, that’s good. Knowing what awaits us is even better. On this subject, showrunner Declan de Barra recalls that Elves will be at the heart of the plot and that, as its name suggests, the series will allow us to discover the origin of the witchers who, let’s remember, have undergone major genetic mutations giving them supernatural abilities (increased resistance and agility, “magical” powers, etc.), particularly focusing on the very first of them.

The first “official” witcher did not appear until well after the arrival of humans, with the creation of several schools of witchcraft. About the initial mechanic that gave rise to this witcher, alchemical experimentation, the question is: “How did this happen?” This is what we dove into: what is the prototype of the witcher? Let’s say Geralt is version 13.0 of it, an improvement. Ours is version 1.0, rough and ready: the witcher concept. This is the original model. What was the story then, and how was it lost?

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Of course, the creator of The Witcher: Blood Origin remains deliberately vague enough to avoid spoilers, but that is enough to make our mouths water. Now all you have to do is wait until December 25, 2022 to discover the series on Netflix!

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Netflix: here’s why the Blood Origin series will be much shorter than The Witcher

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