M’mah Sylla’s grandmother at Mafanco TPI: “It was Dr Patrice who killed my granddaughter”

The trial of the late M’ Mah Sylla who died in November 2021 in Tunis where she had been evacuated for treatment after being the victim of rape on several occasions and attempted abortion, continued this Tuesday, November 20, 2022 in court of first instance of Mafanco.

This day, it was about the appearance of witnesses namely Dr Aly Guissen, Hadja Djamilatou Sow grandmother of the late M’mah Sylla and Dr Dialikatou Soumah.

The grandmother of the late M’mah Sylla Hadja Djamilatou Sow, aged 90, recounting the facts on the stand, indexed Dr Patrice Lamah who operated on the late M’mah Sylla in the first position of having killed her granddaughter.

M’Mah Sylla is my little girl. Her mother had given birth to her and abandoned her. I am his mother and grandmother at the same time. I will tell the truth in the name of God. M’mah Sylla was ill, she had a heart problem and her period. That was all she had for illness. One day I left home to get money to take her to the hospital. Around 5 p.m. when I got home she wasn’t home. I was told she went to see the doctor and when I called it was the doctor who picked up saying she had a cyst problem and if we don’t operate she will die. They told me the fee is 1,500,000 GNF. I went to find a million and after the operation I was going to give the rest of the money. But after the operation at Dr. Patrice, she did not speak and that worried me, she did not eat. I went to shout at the doctors and the one who was on the run told me that they are used to operating on patients… Those who operated on M’mah Sylla in first position told Dr Cissé to go and buy water and blood and they took M’mah Sylla to send her to Dr Cissé who told me that the late M’Mah Sylla had been destroyed… When her mother came, we showed her the images and since then she has not returned. Dr Cissé even spoke of witchcraft and I gave 50,000 GNF to buy two roosters. I told him even if it was my mother who was following the late M’mah Sylla to kill him… We sent the late M’mah Sylla to the Ignace Deen hospital and Dr Dialikatou told me that I will not follow them because she told me that these doctors are her friends… she even insulted me but it was Dr Sébory Cissé who told me everything by showing the horrible images of my little girl. It was Dr. Patrice who killed my little girl. She never had an abortion even once. It was Doctor Patrice who killed M’Mah Sylla, because he was the one who said that if we didn’t operate on my little girl, she was going to die. If I could, I would die instead of M’mah Sylla.”she explained in tears.

Doctor Patrice Lamah, Daniel Lamah, Sebory Cissé, Célestin Millimono who is on the run are prosecuted for acts of“Rape, abortion, risk to others and administration of harmful substance”and have been detained at the central house since October 14, 2021.

It should be noted that the late M’mah Sylla’s grandmother kept repeating that it was “Dr Patrice Lamah who killed my granddaughter”.

Aissata Barry

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M’mah Sylla’s grandmother at Mafanco TPI: “It was Dr Patrice who killed my granddaughter”

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