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Even more so when a foreigner, named Mauve, arrives at college. Everything is falling apart! As if the entire town had something to blame on two families in particular!! Evil has taken place and it will take courage and “magical” unity to discover the truth…

Mauve, third part of a bewitching youth and pre-adolescent series, available from April 20, 2022 at Éditions Rue de Sèvres.

Mauve © Rue de Sèvres, Paris, 2022

A college yard…

Verte and Pome, two pre-teens, get literally stoned by other students. Behind the group of assailants, a blonde girl observes the scene with a contented air. And, as if that were not enough, all this fury, this wickedness keep on going all day. Every day since Mauve and her father arrived in town.

What is going on ? Who are they ? Why is everyone harassing them all day long??

Green can’t take it anymore. She calls Sufi, her lifelong friend, for him explain the situation and try to understand.

Even if this one the sum of talk to his family, Verte totally refuses the proposal for fear of worrying them for nothing. However, we will have to find a solution to this. permanent harassment which is growing more and more, affecting teachers, and even neighbors!!

Meanwhile, Euphronia has a bad feeling. She arrives like a fury at Anastabotte, to express her dismay. She feels oppressed and anxious. Old Euphronia feels a evil presence.

The two witches decide to lead a “paranormal” investigation and begin to prepare against a magic attack

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What’s good about this youth seriesis that we can discover each volume independently of others, even though they are all related!

After Green and Pomeso now is the time to find out Mauve, last part of this series. It too, taken from the little youth novels by Marie Desplechin published by L’École des loisirs.

The author tackles this time a subject unfortunately very popular from school to high school: the harassment. But, thanks to its plot reality/fantasy, the scenario takes on a convincing and thrilling look! Especially since this series is full of characters all more endearing than each other.

Benefiting from the very personal graphics of Magali Le Huche, this whole universe oscillates with boards with many details. I like, with each volume published in Editions Rue de Sèvresdissect them to try to fill me with all these elements in the foreground and background, like a investigation game !!! And those faces expressive irresistibly attractive.

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Mauve © Rue de Sèvres, Paris, 2022

A third installment final, which confirms the talent of its two authors, achieving each time, as if by magicto turn a critical situation into something initiator and very positive !!! Mauve to the Editions Rue de Sèvres charms us with its simplicity, with this constant parabola with the reality of our lives. Unconventional family, friendship, love, and current issues. As well as by the enrichment of its universe by the fantasy side. Witchcraft, magic, family unity to counter “bad vibes”!

It’s fresh and both tender and​​ darkbut we always enthusiastically follow the happiness and the little misfortunes of the life of these characters!!!

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Mauve: Flaming Sorcery at Rue de Sèvres Editions –

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