Manon Marsault, in panic, still a victim of witchcraft? She says it all!

Manon Marsault isagain the target of black magic? After the scandal of this beginning of the year around witchcraft, the star of reality TV fears to be still a victim of occult sciences. Totally frightened, the pretty brunette then asks her subscribers for advice. Objeko therefore always comes back to his statements, but above all to his questions.

Manon Marsault: who can be so angry with him as to wish him harm?

A sign that does not deceive

Absolutely distraught, Manon Marsault shares a very long message on social networks. The famous candidate Marseilles actually claims to have found a scorpion tail hidden under his sofa in his residence in France. For her, this cannot be the result of chance. Someone voluntarily deposited the remains of the animal in his house. She therefore wishes to know the opinion of her fans by evoking black magic and witchcraft. Clearly, the topic generated a lot of reactions from his followers.

Moreover, Manon Marsault does not seem reassured by reading the messages of her community: “I’ll give you the answers you gave me put. Frankly, I’m shocked. I started reading you, you freaked me out. You have me panicked crazy ” . Indeed, the subscribers of Manon Marsault seem to have a precise idea on the subject. For some, I have no doubt: it is a deliberate act intended to bring him misfortune. Some also give him advice on how to react in the best possible way in identical circumstances. Objeko Explains everything to you in great detail.

Unanimous opinions

Indeed, Manon Marsault receives a multitude of reactions that all go in the same direction. Objeko invites you to discover some examples. I don’t want to scare you, but a lot of witchcraft is done with a scorpion tail. It is evil. The next time that you’ll find something weird, put on some gloves and burn that thing,” “Maybe someone bewitched you? You know, it’s weird’, ‘It can’t be dropped by someone bad luck??? I’ve seen so many things, you know. Good luck ” . In summary, Manon Marsault is not the only one to believe that someone is mad at her! Therefore, a question naturally arises. Who can be the culprit?

Obviously, this is a question that prevents Manon Marsault from sleeping. Doubts do indeed cross her mind due to the small number of people who regularly come to her house. Moreover, she explains it on the Web. ” I do not have a lot snappedI was quiet in the house. I was not expecting that at all. I quietly looked at your answers on Snapthe answers of the day. And I came across some crazy stuff about the scorpion tail that I found at home on my couch. However, in my house in France, there is no one who came what. Well, apart from my family and two or three friends. So I don’t understand. So I hope that’s not it.”

A concern that recalls another

In any case, Manon Marsault is stressed. “For me, it is inconceivable that this is it. There are really only people I love who have already come to my house, very few people, because I organize not parties where I invite people. So where does this scorpion tail come from? A relative, or even a very close one, would he have decided to betray her? Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be the first time. Indeed, the star of Marseilles recently admitted to having fallen from the top regarding the behavior of a person who is part of his private circle. So, is she dealing with a new traitor?

But if Manon Marsault is so worried, there is another reason. Without a doubt, all her fans remember the huge controversy that emerged at the beginning of the year around Carla Moreau. The young woman was indeed suspected of having given hundreds of thousands of euros to a witch to cast spells on other reality TV candidates. The story made so much noise that Carla Moreau was forced to explain herself publicly by claiming to have actually been the victim of an odious blackmail. However, this new story of witchcraft around Manon Marsault could hardly be attributed to her. From then on, the wife of Julien so much does she have a new enemy lurking in the shadows? Or has a scorpion lost its tail on its sofa after taking refuge in its house?

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Manon Marsault, in panic, still a victim of witchcraft? She says it all!

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