Maeva Ghennam victim of witchcraft? She expresses herself

At worst, Maeva Ghennam confided in all the misfortunes she has been facing lately, and she thinks she is a victim of witchcraft. We tell you everything!

Maeva Ghennam, at its worst for several weeks

Not long ago, Maeva Ghennam spoke and gave herself up to her community with an open heart. At worst, the young woman reveals that she has not been well for several weeks. Indeed, she has to face many unexpected complications in her daily life, and she can’t take it anymore!

“Yesterday I go home I feel too bad. While the day I was fine, I was normal. I feel too bad, I’m dizzy, dizzy, I’m nauseous (…) I said to myself I’m going to sleep I’m going to have a long night’s sleep and I’m going to get up this morning I’ll be fine . So I wake up this morning and everything, my flu, I was in too much pain (…) my hands were freezing, my feet were freezing, and my body was very hot, my head was very hot, my whole body was hot, so I took medication and everything (…)” First explain it.

The one who is suspected of preparing her marriage with Boli then adds: “ Only bad things happen to me. So a week ago it was the eye, I stayed hospitalized for 2 days (…) At the beginning of Ramadan it was only misfortunes, it was not on me physically, it was only misfortunes in my everyday life, in my papers I had some galleys. In fact every morning I woke up, there was something wrong with my life (…) Ask Akram, every morning we got up I took my phone there was a problem. I left home for 2 days, I couldn’t take it anymore (…) I had one of the worst Ramadans of my entire life, I had nothing but bad luck (…)”

Maeva Ghennam victim of witchcraft? She expresses herself

Maeva Ghennam, victim of witchcraft?

And we have to believe that the departure of Akram did not help Maeva at all. Remember! His best friend and assistant Akram finally decided to return to France and no longer work with Maeva because of the many controversies. ” Until Akram left, after when he left I had a breakdown. A depression, I no longer snapped, I stayed in bed, I no longer fed, I lost weight. And after 3 weeks I swear I get up one morning and that morning I have no problems. I swear I prayed I said “thank God!” “(…) and after now it’s been a week and a half or 2 weeks, well I have misfortunes not in my life, but physical misfortunes (…)” She explains.

And Maeva Ghennam (who spoke about Luna’s infection case) thinks she knows what’s going on. Indeed, she wonders if she is not a victim of witchcraft: I don’t know if I’ve been cursed, I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s not okay. Suddenly it’s problems in my life, and there it’s health problems (…)”

Maeva Ghennam: her mother confides in tears following this story of witchcraft by Carla Moreau!

Shortly after the accusations against Carla Moreau were confirmed by the evidence of Marc Blata, Salya, the mother of Maeva Ghennam, speaks and returns to this whole story of witchcraft. Still in shock, she gives herself up with an open heart!

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Maeva Ghennam victim of witchcraft? She expresses herself

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