Maen-Roch. Harry Potter soup at the Portail Rock school

A feast in the shoes of a famous wizard, that’s what the Château du Rocher Portail located in Maen-Roch from October 22 to November 5, 2022. This beautiful monument has thus been renamed the new school of wizards. And Manuel Roussel, the owner, is ready to give a wand to anyone who tries to dissuade him…

Open for the season since May 1, 2022 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., every day except Saturday, Château Le Rocher Portail is a private site classified as a Historic Monument. located in Maen-Roch (formerly Saint-Brice-en-Coglès) in Ille-et-vilaine, between Rennes and Mont Saint-Michel. They are mixed with mysterious anecdotes from the history of France and the incredible destiny of its builder, Gilles Ruellan, the right arm and financier of Henri IV.

Each season many activities are organized: games for the family, night visit, fireworks, concerts and shows as well as a new proposal which is already making people talk about it: THE NEW SCHOOL OF WIZARDS. In this fantastic setting, the Rocher Portail becomes the new school of wizards where visitors will discover the dormitories, the rooms of spells and magic potions, the teachers’ rooms.

New students will head on their arrival to the Great Hall, the Banquet, 350m2 which will immerse visitors in the world of the most famous wizard. In turn, they will live their own experience, starting with a dinner.

Imagine yourself in the banquet hall, decorated for the occasion and animated by actors and special effects to immerse yourself in a universe of magic and sorcery, a magical feast with a completely bewitching menu and petrifying treats?

During this meal a magic hat will distribute their new home. They will get to know their new teachers, and the new magic and sorcery tricks they will have to learn. This meal will continue with a visit to this new universe in an immersive atmosphere in the style of “Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone”.

In all, around ten bewitched dinners in the large banquet hall will welcome 200 visitors as sorcerer’s apprentices at each magico-gastronomic meeting. Before visiting the castle (17th-19th centuries) which has become a Hogwarts school for the occasion. More than 3000 visitors are expected. But the famous American entertainment company Warner Bros does not hear it that way.

Forbidden to use references to the Harry Potter saga! Copyright protected oblige! But, French snubs and other memorial formulas have led the owner to prefer to ignore the long-toothed, naughty Ricans who know nothing about history; witchcraft existed on these lands long before the discovery of the new world! So, action : these magico-maléfico-good-children banquets will take place from the All Saints holidays at the Château du Rocher-Portail.

It will take you about 1h30 to visit the castle and 1h for the park of Château Le Rocher Portail, made up of a wood, a stately parterre and a vegetable garden enclosed by walls.

Information and reservations here.

No reservations will be possible for the school of wizards. Only the purchase of a ticket online will give access to the event (required age over 8 years old). Rates “Rocher Portail, the new school of wizards”

Two options will be offered:

Online ticketing for the Sorcerer’s Stone online in September 2022

And here is the magic card that leads to dinner:

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Maen-Roch. Harry Potter soup at the Portail Rock school

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