Kevin Guedj: Internet users are certain that he confirmed his infidelity in spite of himself

Belle Longwell claims to have slept with Kévin Guedj on the set of The Battle of the Clans. While Carla’s husband denies the accusations, Internet users are convinced that he betrayed himself, despite himself.

Kevin Guedj accused of infidelity: Belle Longwell tells all the details

The Guedj couple is once again in turmoil. This time, it is not a case of witchcraft but of deception. It’s no secret that Kévin Guedj has a long history as a womanizer. The first years of his relationship with Carla, the reality TV candidate could never help but cheat on her during filming. But in recent years, the jaguar seemed to have finally calmed down.

Parents of a little girl and married since January 2022, Carla Moreau and Kévin Guedj were spinning the perfect love a few days ago. But that was reckoning without Allan, Kevin’s cousin. The latter dropped a bo * be during a video with Bastos, explaining that Belle allegedly claimed to have slept with the Marseillais on the set of LBDC.

Treated as a liar, the ex of Bastos insisted on having her right of reply. In a video, the reality TV candidate reiterated her claims. Then, as if that weren’t enough, she opened her Youtube channel to explain in another video when and how she would have slept with Kevin under the same roof as his wife.

Kevin Guedj would have confirmed his infidelity.

Kévin Guedj unfaithful to Carla Moreau: the candidate is tackled

As in every case of this kind, there are two clans. Those who believe Belle and those who believe Kevin. Unfortunately, the heavy liability of the latter does not really play in his favor. And on Twitter, Internet users had fun highlighting all the sequences of Marseilles in which he confesses to having cheated on Carla.

On the other hand, Twitter users believe Belle’s behavior is suspicious. Indeed, thanks to this story, the young woman has literally been making the buzz on the Web for days. His Youtube video was viewed over 208,000 times in just one day. A nice score for a Youtube channel that has just started. And Belle does not hesitate to advertise on her Instagram account, especially in her bio where she added the link to her video by writing: “I tell the WHOLE TRUTH about KEVIN AND ME. » Too many details that challenge Internet users, some of whom are convinced that Belle has invented everything to collect as many subscribers as possible.

Anyway, Kévin Guedj is in trouble. Especially since Carla Moreau has since decided to withdraw her wedding ring. And according to the revelations of several bloggers, the father of the family would have left the marital home. News that is not really auspicious. And unfortunately the Marseilles may well have betrayed itself. At least, that’s what people think.

Unfaithful Kevin Guedj? He would have confirmed his deception in spite of himself

Indeed, faced with the magnitude of the controversy, Kévin Guedj felt obliged to speak on his social networks. In a long story of several minutes, the father of the family defends himself. Of course, he accuses Belle of lying all the way. Moreover, for him, there is no doubt that the young woman invented everything for the sole purpose of creating buzz and advertising for her Youtube channel.

But above all, Ruby’s dad claims that there is no proof of what she is saying. “We are in a situation where there are two people. Her and me, one saying white, the other saying black. The problem in there is that no one can say ‘I have proof, I have this, I have that’ because there is none”, he explains first. Then, the one tackled by Nehuda adds: “Anyway, it’s a person talking against another person about something that didn’t happen, so no matter what, it’s always going to be a blur for some people. »

If some think that the young man seems really sincere, others were challenged by another of his sentences. Indeed, further in his story, Kévin Guedj declares: “I hear people say ‘yeah, she told me, but she told me’ when they weren’t even there anymore when apparently it happened. » A sentence which, according to several tweeters, would mean everything. We can read : “Kévin, he burned himself. ‘There was no one where it happened’. So you know there was no one so you were there lol. »

So, is this really a revealing slip or was Kevin talking about candidates who were not yet present on the set at that time? Case to follow.

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Kevin Guedj: Internet users are certain that he confirmed his infidelity in spite of himself

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