Kevin Guedj as a couple? This blogger thinks he’s figured out who his new flirt was

If there is good a break that shocked the Web in 2022it is that of Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj. The reality TV couple seemed to have grown very solid after a rocky start. Indeed, Carla Moreau had to face many deceptions from the one who was then nicknamed the jaguar because of his many conquests.

However, after the birth of his daughter Ruby, the fruit of his love with Carla Moreau, Kevin Guedj seemed like a new man. Tidy, and ready to land with Carla Moreau, Kevin Guedj was unrecognizable. The couple was more united than ever, and Kevin had even decided to support his wife during the scandal around the witchcraft affair which put a definitive end to the agreement between the young woman and the Marseillais. Kevin Guedj had therefore, by force of circumstances, moved away from his friends, even stopping to participate in Marseilles.

However, a new shoot is, it seems, come to spoil the relationship he had with the one he had just married. Indeed, it is on the set of The Battle of the Clans that Kevin Guedj would have faulted according to the words of the candidate Belle Longwell. The latter claimed to have slept with Kevin, the cousin of her ex, during this adventure in which Carla Moreau was also. Shortly after these revelations, and Kevin Guedj’s denials, Carla Moreau announced their breakup on social media.

Kevin Guedj and Carla Moreau @Instagram

Kevin Guedj again as a couple?

Bloggers are now all on the lookout for the slightest movement in the love life of each of the two former lovebirds. Carla Moreau has been loaned an affair with a candidate from Top chef, while Kevin Guedj, seen with Cynthia des Fifty, has also seen rumors arise about this possible idyll. This has not failed to be denied by the two main interested parties. However, Carla Moreau had a lot to say about this rapprochement between Kevin and Cynthia in a place that did not fail to anger her.

Lately, blogger BadFunny.TV said he found out who Kevin Guedj’s new flirt was.

Kevin is currently flirting with a blonde who works as a hostess for a beverage brand. They were at an event for the presentation of their healthy drinks. Kevin told the boss “Coralie is cooler than your drinks”. Yes her name is Coralie, she lives in Provence. Kevin fell for her beautiful eyes.

To discover the blogger’s post, it’s happening here !

Obviously, this remains to be taken with great tweezers. Kevin Guedj has still not spoken on this new rumor about him, which should not take long.

Shared custody difficult for parents

Since their breakup, Kevin Guedj and Carla Moreau share custody of their daughter Ruby. This is not easy, especially for Carla Moreau, very close to her. She has already spoken about it several times. In any case, when she has the opportunity to meet up with her daughter, Carla Moreau makes the most of it.

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Kevin Guedj as a couple? This blogger thinks he’s figured out who his new flirt was

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