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The Minister Sidi Toure giving stamps to yves toto (ph KOACI)

On the eve of the electoral list revision process which began on Saturday, November 19, 2022, Sidi ToureMinister of Animal and Fisheries Resources, made available to each of the 5 municipal and departmental delegates HRDP of SakasouBéoumi, Bodokro and Ando-Kékrénou, 5 motorcycles, 2,000 stamps and 5 computers to enable the establishment of administrative documents for young people who do not have them, in order to enlist in order to be registered on the electoral roll .

It was on the occasion of a ceremony organized on Friday November 18, 2022 at the bus station of Sakasou. During which ceremony, the emissary of the HRDPtook the opportunity to invite young people from the department of Sakasouto participate massively in the revision operation of the electoral list which will end on December 10, 2022.

“The opening of the registration process on the electoral list is very important because it prepares for very important electoral deadlines for Côte d’Ivoire and for Sakasou. These are the local elections of 2023, elections which will have to ensure the continuity of development. Any responsible political party is committed to supporting people to register on this electoral list for several reasons and the most important being that of deciding the future of their locality. That’s the real politics and therefore, everyone must do the real politics…” explained the minister Sidi Toure.

Minister Sidi returned to the fact that “It took the advent of President Alassane Ouattara so that you really feel the development. It took Alassane Ouattara so that roads, water, electricity, schools, businesses multiply in our different regions, in our villages. It took Alassane Ouattara so that young people have a smile, of the future, and that after President Félix Houphouët-Boigny. The others who were there, what did they do? Yet they had the same levers of power. They had the same state resources and they even had your trust…; But nothing was done. It took Alassane Ouattara so that we realize that it is possible to change things in your neighborhood.

We are in a dynamic that obliges us to be with what is good and what is good is called Alassane Ouattara. Let us therefore go towards and with what is good. It will open the electoral deadlines, you must only give power to the people that President Ouattara will put at your disposal to be able to bring change in your daily life. This is what we are preparing in light of the registration on the electoral list. Your gathering is a sign of recognition and I will do my best to report to the President of the Republic, to tell him that the populations of Sakasou are grateful to him (…) Not to recognize is to show signs of witchcraft…»

Speaking of the future, Minister Sidi said that during the difficult times experienced in Sakasouthe young yves toto was at the maneuver between all the communities to bring peace.

“His commitment is school today (…) Yes, I can say it, thank you Mr. Mayor (Yves Toto Editor’s note). He deserves it because he’s on the court with you. You deserve it because you know your parents. What you do, these populations will give back to you sooner or later. I’m convinced that Alassane Ouattara will choose him for 2023 (municipal election in Sakasou Editor’s note). I am convinced of this and be certain, we will be with you and we will support you so that the people know that you have a relevant and important position with the President. Alassane Ouattara…” said the Minister Sidi Toureindicating that nothing has changed at Sakasou under the magistracy of the current leaders of this commune.

For yves totodepartmental secretary HRDP Sakasouthe appeal is launched to young people and the population to register massively on the electoral list to change the situation in Sakasou. According to him, “The city ​​hall of Sakasou is takeable. We’ll take the city ​​hall of Sakasou thanks to the mobilization of our parents who will be enlisted massively on the electoral list. Thanks to the support of the President of the Republic Alassane Ouattarato his ministers Sidi Toure and Amadou and also all the executives of Gbêkê, we are going to take the city ​​hall of Sakasou to give it to the president Alassane Ouattara…»

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Ivory Coast: Yves Toto, President Ouattara’s candidate for municipal elections in Sakassou presented to the people by Minister Sidi Touré – KOACI

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