Ikea: his former boss throws out the trick used to make you spend more!

Ikea has more than one trick up its sleeve to make you spend more! The former boss of the firm revealed the secret of rapid sales!

Did you know ? Ikea was created by a Swedish teenager in the early 1940s. Small, but brave, the Swedish company has become in a few years the juggernaut of furniture and decoration. The former boss just revealed his incredible secret to make you spend more!

Ikea: proof of all possibilities

Do you know the history of Ikea? She is a real example for all those who wish to undertake without big means. Indeed, it is Swedish Ingvar Kamprad who created everything with his little hands, at only 17 years old. He used a small sum given by his father to create the firm in 1943. The young man therefore began to sell simple furniture with his company. He never stopped working on the evolution of his business. The proof is! To date, Ikea is one of the largest companies in the world.

Indeed, the firm is a hit all over the world. She is very good at making you spend more! And this, even if you had no intention of spending a penny. What height! You go to Ikea to buy a small thing for a few euros. And you finally come out of the store with a big sofa, two furniture living room and a mirror. But what is this sorcery ?

Like the Ikea company, does it manage to fill that basket that you may not need. The former boss of the box has therefore decided to answer this question. Eh yes ! So he revealed the secret of this company to make you spend more. First, know that the arrangement of the rays is not a coincidence. At Ikea, it is impossible to find the exit in the snap of a finger. You are forced to go around the store following the arrows leading to the exit.

Well, know that this is a strategy to make you spend more. Indeed, by going through all these paths, you will most certainly fall for products and things you probably don’t need at first.

The former boss reveals all the secrets of the firm

But that’s not all ! the old boss from Ikea also added that price is a key factor in getting you to spend more. You may be tempted by this product at a low price. Then looking up, you realize that this same product of better quality is only 10€ more. So you spend a little more to please yourself. A good strategy isn’t it!

Another thing, if the corridors of Ikea are so long, it is also a way for sellers not to miss customers ! They will run to you to meet all your needs. Well often, the buyer does not dare to readjust the one who bothers him during his purchase. He therefore lets himself be tempted by the proposals. You had to think about it!

One thing is certain, Ikea is a real labyrinth in which the customer necessarily finds satisfaction. There are even cupcakes and hot drinks to have a better time in the store. Definitely, Ikea thinks of everything! This is perfect for passing the time. Minutes turn into hours without the client realizing anything!

The former boss of Ikea concludes that the firm is finally a guide for the customer, who tempts him every minute. This therefore makes it impossible not to see a full basket in this store.

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Ikea: his former boss throws out the trick used to make you spend more!

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