“If the Prophet NDZOMA, must be arrested, let it be on the initiative of a complaint from a group of Men of God and not by self-referral of the authorities” (Geoffroy Foumboula Libeka) –

In police custody, the Prophet Emmanuel Ndzoma (center) could be brought this Monday, September 05 before the public prosecutor of Libreville © DR

The leader of civil society, Geoffroy Foumboula Libeka Makosso, also a practicing Christian, in an open letter addressed to pastors and other men of God officiating in Gabon, denounced the complicit silence of these servants of the eternal in the face of the arrest “unjustified” of the prophet Emmanuel Ndzoma who would have inoculated by a simple word during a crusade on August 27 in Libreville, a three-month pregnancy to a supposedly sterile lady.

Below is the full open letter.


This letter is addressed primarily to men said to be of God, those exercising Christian worship in this secular country that is Gabon with regard to its Constitution.

The Prophet NDZOMA affair is breaking the headlines at the moment, we note to regret the silence of the practitioners of the Christian cult. It is common knowledge that the Men of God in Gabon care little about what happens outside the 4 walls of the places of worship where they officiate. We can embezzle funds, practice injustice, kill people by ritual crimes, the education system, health, etc. … destroyed, it’s not their problem, they only care about the cult.

Your silence, in my opinion, on the NDZOMA affair could create situations that are harmful to the practice of Christian worship in Gabon.


  1. In the absence of your complaints, by self-referral from the authorities, you allow politicians to define what is a miracle, what is magic, witchcraft, charlatanism. Thus, any operation other than scientific could be appreciated by the politician who will be able through justice to decide that such a miracle is and that such another is an act of magic, witchcraft, etc…
  2. His arrest for example presumed disturbing public order allows politicians to judge in Christian worship to add to acts of disturbing public order, the way you organize your worship;
  3. If his arrest is in connection with the scam and this scam is qualified on the basis of the tithes and offerings received during his services, you allow the politician to “penalize” the practice of tithes and offerings and add them to acts of fraud and breach of trust;
  4. When tomorrow, the politicians will rely on this case law set out in points 1,2 and 3 to come and close the Churches for acts of fraud, breach of trust, witchcraft, charlatanism, etc… operated within the framework of your worship ( because there is no text that defines the course of a cult), it is you who will come to cry persecution while your negligence has led to the policy to take control of the course of your Cults.

#My propositions.

  1. May the Men of God quickly regain control of this situation because they are the only ones qualified to determine which practice is or is not in conformity with the practice of Christian worship;
  2. If the Prophet NDZOMA, must be arrested, it should be on the initiative of a complaint from a group of Men of God and not by self-referral of the authorities (because the alleged offense is currently the practice of Christian worship );
  3. That any problem of this kind, be resolved by the leaders of the cults and brought if necessary by them to the authorities.

I am a Christian, am not perfect. I am not defending here a Man but the “religion” that I practice. Through emotions we have often lacked wisdom and allowed the enemy to achieve designs.

If this problem is not resolved by you, if it is the authorities who put him in prison in the absence of any initiative on your part, know that you will have given the possibility to these authorities to act in this way in all places of worship. because the authority of will now pose as a regulator of the cult, in violation of the principle of the separation of Church and State.

NB: These are sparks that cause devastating fires.



If the Prophet NDZOMA must be arrested let it be

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“If the Prophet NDZOMA, must be arrested, let it be on the initiative of a complaint from a group of Men of God and not by self-referral of the authorities” (Geoffroy Foumboula Libeka) –

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