“I am a wizard”: at 19, Cyril recounts his life between potions, pendulums and grimoires

19-year-old Cyril recently joined a coven. In other words: an assembly made up of witches. (©DR)

Her favorite parties are Yule, pagan festival which celebrates the winter solstice, and samhainmore widely called Halloween. Every day, as a true devotee, he prays to the goddess Hecateassociated with the witchcraftthe magicthe new moon or the creatures of the night in the Greek mythology.

Aged 19, Cyril, who lives in a town in Meurthe-et-Moselle, near Nancy, defines himself as Wizard.

But don’t talk to him about dolls voodooof sacrificeof hooked nose or even of large warts, because you risk annoying him. For three years now, the young man has been trying to fight all these cliches.

“Unfortunately, cinema has conveyed a lot of clichés, often negative, about witches. People think, for example, that we spend our time hurting others, especially with voodoo dolls. But also, that we meet naked, at midnight, under the full moon, with a cauldron in the middle. Gold, it’s wrong. ”

A witch, originally, is a kind of country doctor who uses plants or even crystals, for example, to help, to bring something beneficial to others.

CyrilAdept of witchcraft

A real upheaval

For Cyril, it all started when he had nine years, after an evening spent with a friend. “That evening, I discovered the pendulumas well as cards. It was a real revelation. I understood that there are a lot of things that you don’t see, but which are just fantastic”, he confides to Lorraine News.

If he doesn’t like the term Don“, however, he claims to have ” facilities since he was a child.

I feel certain things. I can, for example, know that an event is about to occur. I sense when people are not well, even if I don’t know them. It’s certainly in the family, because my great-grandfather drew cards and, on my mother’s side, we all have the same kind of little faculties.

CyrilAdept of witchcraft

However, according to him, if people are interested in this other world, “they can develop faculties. And, learn, like me, thanks to books”.

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Shortly after his plunge into the world of esotericism, Cyril acquires his own pendulum, receives his first book of witchcraft and immerses himself in the writings to increase his knowledge. In 2019, he embarked on a common, even daily practice.

From now on, his days are punctuated around the witchcraft “When I wake up, I burn incense and connect with the energies of the day. To apprehend the day, I turn to the cards and make a draw. »

Being devout to Hecate, Cyril’s days are also punctuated with prayers. He also reads a lot of books. “Finally, and this is very important to me, I spread a lot of joy of living. Communicating on the subject, being benevolent, is essential. »

“To rub shoulders with another world is fantastic”

A great turning point for the young man, who saw his life upset. This entry into the world of witchcraft has indeed given him “a lot of well-being”, as he testifies.

When someone asks me for help, and I can do it, it’s very rewarding. To say to yourself that ordinary mortals cannot act on certain elements, but that I can, that’s fantastic. My primary goal is really to help others. Then, there is also the fact of rubbing shoulders with another world. It’s just fantastic.

CyrilAdept of witchcraft

Lately it’s one of the female dogs of Cyril who was able to take advantage of his knowledge. “Because of the heat, she suffered from irritations. The vet prescribed a cream but it didn’t work. So I concocted a kind of floral waterwith different plants and a particular intention and accurate healing. Since we applied to her, she is much better, ”he says.

If for the moment the young man concocts potions and herbal remedies only for loved oneshe would like, in the near future, create your own company to “help as many people as possible”. Whether through cards, rituals or the making of potions.

Integration within a coven

For some time, Cyril no longer practices alone. He incorporated a coven. In other words: a circle where witches interact with each other, meet and share common ideas. “It’s not a sect”, specifies the young man straight away.

Joining a coven allows you to interact with witches from all over France. Due to the distance, we meet in video. It’s very benevolent. When someone is in bad shape, for example, we will do everything to help them. We also give each other advice, we help the most novices to train…

CyrilAdept of witchcraft

Where possible, coven members meet. Especially during eight sabbathsto celebrate important stages of the year, like Yule or Samhain.

Always the nose plunged in the books and benefiting from an experience thanks to a passage as a salesman in a esoteric shopCyril was able to touch different currents of witchcraft.

not a religion

If the main divinity to which he turns is Hecate, Cyril happens to pray to other divinities: Egyptian, Celtic… However, for him it is not a question of a religion.

Typically, I have nothing forbidden, except not to subject others to what I would not like to be done to me, because it will come back to me three times over. Being eclectic, I am interested in everything. So, there is not this religious aspect that can be found among Catholics, Muslims or even Jews.

CyrilAdept of witchcraft

If the young man is a jack-of-all-trades, his heart still swings for a branch of witchcraft entitled ” hoodie“, which originated in Africa and developed in the American regions populated by slaves.

However, be careful not to confuse it with the voodoo, says Cyril. “The Hoodoo is doing magic with what you have in your kitchen, your house. You could say it’s DIY magic. In the majority of rituals, we will use the Bible and of theHoly water“.

“Clear and pure intentions”

If the clichés have the hard skin, Cyril notes, for some time, a infatuation especially around witchcraft. Whether in bookstores or supermarkets, the shelves relating to the area are more extensive. What is not not without consequenceas the young man explains.

The fact that specialized bookstores sell witchcraft books does not bother me. On the other hand, when I see certain works on the shelves of supermarkets, it annoys me enormously. Having worked in an esoteric shop, I can affirm that it is not for supermarkets to sell such books. They are not able to advise or inform buyers. They’re just riding the wave to make money. Which can be extremely dangerous. Because you don’t put a grimoire in the hands of just anyone.

CyrilAdept of witchcraft

Far from asserting that he holds “the great truth”, Cyril is keen to to transmit his knowledge to those who want it. Whether in the field of witchcraft or fortune telling.

The one who is affectionately nicknamed ” madam irma with blue hair » does not go a single day without referring to the charts or the pendulum. But, always with the same mantra: clear and pure intentions.

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“I am a wizard”: at 19, Cyril recounts his life between potions, pendulums and grimoires

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