How to recruit Byleth in Fire Emblem Three Hopes

Although you’ve spent half the game trying to kill them, you can actually recruit Byleth in Fire Emblem: Three Hopes, although how and when this happens differs depending on which route you’re playing.

The method may change, but recruiting Byleth is never an easy task, so be prepared to start a mission over if you end up losing them by accident or make some other mistake in the process.

How to recruit Byleth in Fire Emblem Three Hopes

Byleth is your opponent through Chapter 10 of Scarlet Blaze and Golden Wildfire, and through Chapter 12 of Azure Gleam. Nothing you can do will change that, and you can also defeat them on the battlefield, as they won’t permanently die before the recruitment battle.

Recruit Byleth in Scarlet Blaze

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Byleth’s recruitment to the cause of the Black Eagles must wait until Chapter 10, Shifting History. Be sure to complete the battle in Menja Territory and investigate points of interest around the territory. Yes, you lose renown this way, but you learn the Resonant Lightning strategy, which is required to recruit Byleth.

Start the chapter’s main battle and make sure to select “Resonant Lightning” from your list of available strategies. Help the Sorcery Engineers, then use it when prompted.

Once Byleth appears, ignore them and issue orders so your allies don’t get caught fighting them as well. Then defeat Alois and Roderigue to end the battle. If you build the bridge to reach the eastern shoals, the enemy will destroy it after you cross to fight Roderigue, meaning Byleth won’t be able to chase you.

At the end of the chapter, Byleth and Jeralt will join you.

This is also the chapter where you can recruit Yuri, so be sure to set aside some strategy points for this if you want.

Recruit Byleth in Azure Gleam

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Recruiting Byleth for the Blue Lions is a little more complicated and takes place during Chapter 12, A Trick of the Goddess. Clear the territory of Menja and unlock the Locate Ambushers strategy, then start the battle.

Activate the strategy when prompted, then pause the game. The map will show you green arrows where the mercenaries are, and if they see one of your units, you won’t be able to recruit Byleth.

Choose the “All-Out Defense” order, then bring your units back to safety individually.

After that, you’re prompted to defeat Fleche and then defeat Randolph. This is when Byleth appears, but you should ignore them and just focus on defeating Randolph. After the battle, Jeralt and Byleth join your party.

Recruit Byleth in Golden Wildfire

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Byleth’s recruitment to the Golden Deer route occurs in Chapter 10, Love and Loss, and it’s the easiest of the three routes. Protect Claude throughout the battle and ignore Byleth when they appear. Command some of your strongest units to the northwest corner of the map for the next phase.

Once Claude reaches his destination, Fleche will appear and Byleth will head towards them. Trade with your other units and defeat Fleche as fast as possible.

After the battle, Jeralt and Byleth join. You can also recruit Yuri in this chapter, so spend some strategy points to do so if you want.

That’s all you need to know about Recruiting Byleth in Fire Emblem Three Hopes, but stick around for more Fire Emblem Three Hopes guides in the coming days.

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How to recruit Byleth in Fire Emblem Three Hopes

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