Hautes-Pyrénées: the candidates of the Nupes are heading for the second round

Sylvie Ferrer and Grégory Korn, the two Nupes candidates qualified for the second round of the legislative elections, respectively in the first and second constituency of the Hautes-Pyrénées, gathered their supporters and campaign teams this Tuesday evening at the Massey garden in Tarbes.

Sylvie Ferrer immediately expressed her satisfaction at having come out on top in the first round ahead of outgoing LREM deputy Jean-Bernard Sempastous, and this, according to her “thanks to a program of rupture with the liberal policy of President Macron” and a colossal field work of all the sensitivities of the left coalition. Grégory Korn arrived in second position, behind Benoît Mournet, candidate for Ensemble, in the second constituency. He underlines the “national dynamic” initiated by the Nupes, which generates, according to him “a certain feverishness of the governmental communication which instructs a lawsuit in witchcraft against the union of the left. While our movement is part of a popular momentum against Macron’s policy”. He adds, following the somewhat contradictory statements of members of the government, that “not to make a difference between an RN candidate and a Nupes candidate is serious, immoral and dangerous”.

The local PS should call to vote for the candidates of the Nupes

Asked about their vote reserves for the second round – in the end, it’s not so bad to have had a dissident candidate on the left – Sylvie Ferrer indicates, unsurprisingly, that she addressed the voters on the left by video who voted for the socialist Maryse Beyrié in the first round. From now on, like Carole Delga, the socialist president of the region, who called for a second round vote for the candidates of the left, Sylvie Ferrer and Grégory Korn are waiting for the federation of the PS des Hautes-Pyrénées to make same. Recall that the PS federation of Hautes-Pyrénées had voted against the national agreement with Nupes. “I do not see how the PS of the Hautes-Pyrénées would not call to vote for us, candidates of the left”, estimates Grégory Korn. The federal office of the PS of the Hautes-Pyrénées meets this Tuesday evening at 8 p.m., and should, in all likelihood, call for a vote in the second round for the candidates of the Nupes. Unlike Michel Pélieu, president of the Hautes-Pyrénées departmental council, who, after having supported Maryse Beyrié and Jérôme Crampe, calls for a vote in the second round for the Macronist candidates. “Michel Pélieu has broken with the left. He is on the right”, tackles Grégory Korn. To the PRG voters who voted for Jérôme Crampe, Grégory Korn tells them that they have common values: “Secularism, the universalist republic, social justice, the fight against discrimination”. And he said to himself in essence a little flabbergasted by Benoît Mournet’s maneuver to flirt with radical voters on the air of “more radical than me, you die”.

Anyway, the second round will be very tight between macronists and mélenchonistes on the two constituencies of the Hautes-Pyrénées.

La Nupes organizes a festive meeting, this Wednesday 15, at 6 p.m., place of the town hall of Tarbes. Representatives of all components of the alliance will speak.

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Hautes-Pyrénées: the candidates of the Nupes are heading for the second round

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