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Who would like to see Lord Voldemort on screen again? Almost everyone, including Ralph Fiennes, interpreter of the powerful black mage since “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. With a view to a potential new project linked to the Harry Potter universe, the actor said he was totally ready to return to service.

Harry Potter, new on the horizon?

Film franchises are popular, and at Warner, Universal or even Disney, they are therefore the priority of the moment. Whether sequels, reboots, remakes or spin off, creating in well-known territory is the easy recipe for hoping to reap maximum revenue while limiting costs. On the side of Warner Studios, some franchises are doing well and others not so much. If for example the DC super-heroic universe displays beautiful colors, this is not the case with the saga Matrixwhose last opus failed too much to conceive that the universe created by the Wachowskis could have a short-term future.

Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban ©Warner Bros.

Between these two opposing situations, the “Wizarding World”, a universe built since the saga Harry Potter navigates in uncharted waters. On the one hand, the saga Fantastic Beasts is at its worst, after a third film with disappointing results and recurring casting problems, previously concerning Johnny Depp and now Ezra Miller… But on the other hand, the universe Harry Potter maintains a very strong reputation and intact potential. That is why, in a statement in the quarterly report to shareholders, the CEO of Warner Discovery has shown great interest in continuing their fruitful collaboration with JK Rowling. In other words, we are not done with the most famous story of witchcraft in contemporary fiction.

Ralph Fiennes set to reprise his role

Currently, there are no “Wizarding World” projects in development. A long break is indeed underwaythe time to unravel harmful controversies and also to find a better inspiration than that at work on the latest films Fantastic Beasts. And since the best potions are made in old cauldrons, why not get closer to the original work? Harry Potter ? It is in this sense that the question of Voldemort’s return was posed by variety to his interpreter Ralph Fiennes. He answered without hesitation:

Of course, of course. The question does not even place itself.

He-whose-name-must-not-be-pronounced is an iconic antagonist in the history of cinema and a very central figure in the creation of the British writer. Impossible to envisage a new Harry Potter creation without Voldemort, even if this one is definitely out of the game at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. But that shouldn’t be too much of a problem if a new project were to take over from this story. Indeed, nothing is impossible in this magical world…

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Harry Potter: Will Voldemort be back soon? It’s a big yes for Ralph Fiennes – CinéSéries

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