Harry Potter: the game “Hogwarts Legacy” raises some concerns?

If the release of the game “Hogwarts Legacy” in connection with Harry Potter caused a stir, the fans nevertheless expressed their concerns

Following the incredible success of the Harry Potter saga, fans had the happy surprise of discovering the “Hogwarts Legacy” video game. A novelty that raises some concerns, however! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Harry Potter: The Video Game is delayed

The release of the video game Hogwarts Legacy is eagerly awaited on PS5. But alas for Harry Potter fans, it will not see the light of day this year. Eh yes ! We will have to wait until the beginning of 2023 to discover this nugget

That is February 10, 2023 to be able to play it on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. If this video game is more anticipated than ever, it’s because it takes over the universe of Harry Potter.

A world of magic withs weird characters of all kinds, and spells galore. Avalanche Software is behind the creation of Hogwarts Legacy. But then the question arises, why did the firm postpone the release of the Harry Potter game?

It looks like Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment be solely responsible for this decision. The creators therefore spoke on Twitter:

“The team can’t wait for you to play there. But we need a little more time to be able to offer you the best gaming experience possible”.

One thing is certain, Harry Potter fans can’t wait to dive intons a Hogwarts from the 1800s. In the game, each player will have to embody a student holding the key to an ancient secret that threatens to destroy the wizarding world.

It is then a strategy game, in which you will have to fight against black mages. But that’s not all ! It will also be necessary to create alliances to thwart the fate of the wizarding world.

‘Hogwarts Legacy’ raises concerns

But while Hogwarts Legacy hasn’t been released yetit is already raising concerns. And for good reason ! In a video, netizens noticed that Hogwarts (Harry Potter) castle was a bit empty.

The Lead Systems Designer Youtuber at WolfEye Studios (Weird West) has therefore released a video entitled “Fear for HOGWARTS LEGACY”. Harry Potter fans then share their concerns about the game.

He has a lot of trouble with this “vacuum” in the video game. According to him, it brings a brooding tone to Hogwarts Legacy (Harry Potter). The characters in the game move little, or stand or sit to chat.

There’s no action, or even activities for bored-looking Harry Potter students in the halls of the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But that’s not all ! Internet users are very disappointed to learn that there will be no quidditch in the game.

But only duels, or still searching for Hogwarts secrets... This lacks dynamism! Harry Potter fans are very angry on Twitter, because they expected much more!

In “Hogwarts Legacy” (Harry Potter), there is also a lack of ambient sound. No discussions between the characters, not even footsteps… Which makes it very boring.

For the moment, the presentation of the video game worries Harry Potter fans. But let’s wait until February to judge better.

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Harry Potter: the game “Hogwarts Legacy” raises some concerns?

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