Harry Potter classes for learning by magic at school

Harry Potter special classes

Young Harry Potter has been kids’ favorite fictional character for over 20 years now. Everything that touches directly or indirectly to the universe of the famous wizard immediately excites young and old fans. Among these Potterheads are school teachers who have understood that the bespectacled wizard could be a valuable ally in their class. In classes filled with magic accessories, signs announcing the 9 3/4 way, wizards’ hats, flags in the colors of the 4 famous Hogwarts houses and other magical decorations, they distil a little magic in learning.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat scene

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This is the case of Mallory Tinena Monhard, teacher in CM1-CM2 at the primary school of Villeneuve-de-Marc in Isère. Bewitched by Harry Potter, she launched a Harry Potter themed class ten years ago. She explains to the newspaper The world that she uses the universe created by JK Rowling to punctuate every moment of the day:

  • a Sorting Hat ceremony is organized at the start of the school year to divide the class into 4 houses (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin), as at Hogwarts, the school of wizards. The pupils are thus invited to get to know classmates that they might not have rubbed shoulders with so quickly. Houses can earn points when their members perform well or in inter-House challenges to win the Four House Cup each holiday, which offers little treasures and treats, like the famous “chocolate frogs”. Each house will win the cup once.
  • entering the class is done using a password: for example, “What do you call a polygon with twelve sides?”, it is the word “dodecagon” which will give access to the room and the pupils will have to remember it all day.
  • The dictations consist of excerpts from various novels by British novelist JK Rowling.
  • Maths and French are reviewed in a fun way with games and escape games specially designed in the theme, composed of puzzles to solve.
  • individually, the students win galleons, the currency of wizards, which they can exchange for spells or potions: the “cloak of invisibility” allows them not to be questioned for a day, the potion of transmutation “polyjuice” offers to the student the possibility of sitting in place of another or even the lazy box which dispenses with a flash dictation…
Escape Room class Harry Potter

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Anne Papin is also inspired by the magical universe of Harry Potter, using it as a teaching tool in her CM1 class at the Pierre Coutelle school in La Chapelle-Saint-Aubin in Sarthe. As she explains to West France, “It’s an excellent guideline and learning through fun” :

  • Throughout the year, students can come dressed as little wizards.
  • the children are also divided according to the 4 houses of the school of wizards and earn points according to the behavior of the members. “With the principle of houses, children are encouraged to support each other, to help each other in order to climb the behavioral ladder and give points to the team”she explains.
  • When the children have finished a job, they can do activities still on the theme of Harry Potter, such as Lego® constructions, puzzles, reading, playing small games…
Anne Papin and her Harry Potter class

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For Nadia C., a CE2 class teacher in Essonne, Harry Potter also serves as a framework and educational support for her lessons.

  • It also begins with the distribution of children in the 4 houses of the famous magic school: “The children are mixed, regardless of their level, in order to create mutual aid within the same group”she says to theHuffington Post. Students are more attentive and focused thanks to this special Harry Potter pedagogy.
  • Reading rallies and special Harry Potter dictations with texts addressing the notions of French seen in class are organized to also allow houses to earn points.
  • Plastic art workshops complete the teaching. The students create artistic creations around the Patronus, a defense spell that takes the form of an animal or even around the portrait of the hero of the saga.
  • Work on a booklet on magic, cinema, school, friendship… themes covered or linked in the Harry Potter books or films.
  • In PE, quidditch match!

In the class of genius Mr J. Jonet, pencils turn into magic wands and the return to school obviously begins with the famous letters of admission to Hogwarts that the sorcerer’s apprentices receive before the start of the school year. This teacher, passionate about the world of the most famous wizard, distills lots of advice and offers educational materials to create and set up a Harry Potter class.

In video: Create a Harry Potter class

Harry Potter class admission letter

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Back to school at the Rocher Portail school, the Hogwarts Breton

The big kids will soon be able to return to Hogwarts as well. In October, during the All Saints holidays, thee Chateau Le Rocher Portal, located in Maen Roch (Ille-et-Vilaine) will be transformed into a real Hogwarts Breton. Magic invades the castle to become a new school of wizards. After being distributed in the 4 houses of the castle (Fauvedor, Cerfdelune, Busarde and Boucfleche), the wizards will be able to visit the castle, the large banquet hall, the dormitories, the spell and magic potion rooms, the teachers’ rooms and more. bewitching as each other and secret rooms…

In video: Rocher Portail, the new school of wizards

Two event formulas are available:

Afternoon formula at 28.50 euros per person (1h30)

  • Visit of the Banquet room.
  • Visit of the Rocher Portail School (about 30 entirely staged plays in the world of magic and witchcraft with special effects and actors).
  • Selfy space (5 spaces staged in the stables).
  • Workshop “Magic wand and broom.
  • Animations with 6 comedians (the teachers of the school give you lessons).
  • Professional photographer.
  • Souvenir shop.

Online booking with time slots. (from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.). Recommended age: over 4 years old. (some special effects that may impress the little ones)

Evening formula at 99.50 euros per person (3h30)

  • the meal in the Le Banquet room with the teachers who will host your evening for 1h30. (immersive animations, special effects…)
  • Visit of the Ecole Rocher Portail (about 30 entirely staged plays in the world of magic and witchcraft with special effects and actors).
  • Selfy space (5 spaces staged in the stables).
  • Workshop “Magic wand and broom.
  • Animations with 6 comedians (the teachers of the school give you lessons).
  • Professional photographer.
  • Souvenir shop.
  • the closing show (unreleased)

Online booking. Event starting at 7:30 p.m. This formula is reserved for people over 8 years old. (some special effects may impress the youngest)

Information and reservations on the site of the magic school Portal Rock

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Harry Potter classes for learning by magic at school

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