Harry Potter: 25 years old this year, the people of Tours still just as big fans!

It was also that year that a very young bespectacled wizard appeared in bookstores: Harry Potter, born of the fertile imagination of JK Rowling.

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What is the story ?

Impossible not to know Harry Potter. Or you haven’t lived on Earth for the past 25 years.

Harry Potter is this young wizard born under the pen of the British author JK Rowling.

According to her, it all started in 1990, during a train journey she made between Manchester and London. It was during this journey that she had the idea for the character ofHarry Potter. The saga will tell the adventures of this young wizard and his friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft. The main story will be about Harry’s fight against Lord Voldemorta magician in search of immortality, who murdered Harry’s parents when he was still a baby.

Why does it work?

Corentin Faniel is co-author of the book “Harry Potter deciphered by his fans”and creator of the “Daily Prophet”.

According to him, Harry Potter lives enormously by his fans. It is the community that has long kept the little wizard and the myth alive. It is this community which analyses, which deciphers, which debates its understanding of the scene.

The book “Harry Potter deciphered by his fans”

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Harry Potter is also a resolutely contemporary : feminism, sexism, and other societal themes.

Each novel is written like a detective story, with an investigation. And the subjects evolve with the saga, the more we advance in the volumes, the more the subjects tackled are serious, but always with a little lightness.

According to Corentin Faniel, it is “the universality of these themes (mourning, death, friendship, etc.), which speak to everyone, and the timelessness of the story, which can explain the eternal aspect of the story of the young wizard, and his success global.”

It is with JK Rowling that the fans are the least tender.

At first, the author was very close to her readers. But certain events have distanced the successful author from fans of the young wizard, such as lawsuits made to fans, or recent controversies.

And in Tours, where do wizards meet?

If you are looking for a haunt of wizards in the Tours conurbation, you will be spoiled for choice: with 3 addresses, the enthusiasm for the young wizard and his fantastic universe seems to be unabated.

In Tours, the “Les Trois Sorciers” shop seduces fans of the Harry Potter universe
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For Christmas, any young wizard wishing to join his favorite school of witchcraft will have to go through the stage of choosing his wand. And as with Ollivander, the choice here is plethoric.

A multitude of “magic wands” delight collectors
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After a spell lesson, we will like to relax with the famous “Beurre beer”. Parents can be reassured, not a gram of alcohol in it! Phew!

Essential drink for all young wizards, the famous “Butter Beer”
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There are all kinds of objects and toys allowing you to decorate your room with the whole universe of young Harry.

Indispensable, POP figurines are very popular with fans of the young wizard.
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Of course, don’t forget to display your membership in one of the 4 witchcraft houses in the playground.

And since in “Sorcerer’s School”, there is “School”, the Harry Potter universe also prevails in the playgrounds
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The luckiest wizards will even be able to afford (or be offered) a 1/32nd replica of the famous “The Hogwarts Express” train and platform 9 3/4 offered by LEGO, with more than 5100 parts to assemble, at price of 499.99 euros.

The replica of the “Hogwarts Express” proposed by the manufacturer LEGO

The Lego Group

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Harry Potter: 25 years old this year, the people of Tours still just as big fans!

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