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Huge announcements for Final Fantasy 16 and Death Stranding 2 may have been the big headlines at this year’s The Game Awards, but for many it was a reveal trailer from indie studio Supergiant Games that sparked the most excitement. ‘excitement. Not only is the sequel to Hades finally officially on the way, but Hades 2 promises to come with a whole host of entirely new gods.

Led by the striking Melinoë, described as the immortal princess of the underworld, the new cast features new gods like Apollo and a terrifying new villain in the form of the titan Kronos. While Hades 2 will undoubtedly bring its own twist to the characters, their roots in ancient Greek mythology may help uncover some clues as to what their role in the game might be.


Featured in the reveal trailer, Melinoë will be the protagonist of Hades 2 on a mission to defeat Kronos with the help of Hecate and other Olympian gods. In the game, Melinoë is the daughter of Hades and Persephone but, unlike Zagreus, her powers appear to center around sorcery as well as her use of mysterious dark weapons, as noted in Supergiant’s Hades 2 FAQ.

According to Theoi, Melinoë is a powerful goddess known, among other things, for wandering the earth at night accompanied by ghosts in order to terrify humans. Interestingly, her light limb and dark limb in the game can be directly tied to her mythology, where her two colors reflect her ties to the Underworld and Olympus.


Sorcery is always an interesting topic in games and it’s likely to be a major element of Hades 2, so it will be interesting to see how much of a role Hecate has to play in the game. From the reveal trailer, she appears to be acting as a mentor to Melinoë in her mission to the underworld. Like Melinoë, she has her own section in Supergiant’s Hades 2 FAQ, which describes her as “the secret goddess of sorcery and crossroads”.

Like any major figure in Greek mythology, there are different and conflicting accounts of his meaning and lineage, but witchcraft is often central. According to World History Encyclopedia, Hecate is capable of both good and evil and is often depicted as having three heads, which can be seen in the Hades 2 trailer. Like Melinoë, she has strong ties to ghosts and at night, cementing the bond between the two.


Kronos didn’t need to have a single spoken line or even be shown visually in the Hades 2 trailer to grab fans’ attention. With Hades’ warning that the figure represents time itself and cannot be stopped, along with an ominous ticking, Kronos already seems like an intriguing and powerful antagonist.

If his place in Greek mythology is anything to go by, it’s fair to consider Kronos a force to be reckoned with. The Encyclopaedia Britannica identifies him as the youngest of the first generation of titans who, after becoming their leader, spawned a whole host of gods, including Hades himself. After losing to Zeus, Kronos became imprisoned in the underworld he escaped from in Hades 2’s reimagining of mythology, apparently chaining Hades up in retaliation.


In Hades, Dusa is the shadow that won the hearts of so many players with her sincere and well-meaning personality. In Hades 2, a new shade might figure prominently, though it’s hard to imagine her becoming as beloved as Dusa. This shadow is Dora, an “apathetic shadow”, who seems to switch between an intimidating screaming appearance and a cheeky smiling appearance.

Shadows are the resident spirits of the dead who inhabit the underworld in Greek mythology and Hades. Since they’re usually background characters either way, there’s no indication what the story behind Dora and her various personalities might be, but, according to The Gamer, a popular fan theory suggests she could be Pandora, the very first human woman according to the Greek. myth.


In addition to the central characters, it was the distinctive gods who seemed to bestow benefits on Zagreus that helped make Hades such an iconic game. Hades 2 is likely to be more or less the same, with the reveal trailer showing several of the characters who will likely play the same role in the sequel.

One of them was Moros, who goes by the title “Doom Incarnate”. This reflects his position in Greek mythology where, according to Theoi, the character is a brother of Thanatos but brings death in violent and unpleasant ways instead. Despite that, he speaks softly and optimistically in the reveal trailer, which means it’ll be interesting to see how the game handles his dark nature.


Considering Apollo is one of the most well-known Olympian gods, his absence in the first Hades game was notable. Hades 2 fixes that by introducing the god and in some style too. Although his title is “God of Light” in the game, it may not be what Apollo is most associated with in Greek mythology.

In the World History Encyclopedia summary, Apollo is primarily a god of archery and music although he is described as being a source of life and as bright as the sun itself, which is why it is related to light in the game. Hades 2 seems to reference the other meanings of Apollo as a god with the object held in his right hand, which appears to be a single bow with multiple strings.


As “Retribution Incarnate,” there’s apparently no character more fitting to offer Melinoë assistance on her way to settling a score in Hades 2 than Nemesis. Although many major games have focused on Greek mythology, it’s surprising how few have chosen to feature this goddess given her distinctive name and intriguing past.

According to Theoi, Nemesis was a goddess who took a keen interest in human affairs. Although she is sometimes considered a goddess of revenge, it seems that her task was more to balance fortunes by taking revenge on people who committed bad deeds or benefited from undeserved luck. She was also sometimes depicted as a winged goddess, which Supergiant Games took full advantage of in her character design for Hades 2.

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Hades 2: All Announced Characters And Their Mythological Counterparts | Pretty Reel

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