Gims denounced for witchcraft by his right arm, Blata reveals everything [Vidéos]

Marc Blata revealed that Insolent, his right arm, had contacted him to admit that Gims had indeed resorted to witchcraft…

Booba recently teamed up with the man now nicknamed “Inspector” Marc Blata in order to bring to light the few pans that Gims would have. The influencer therefore began his undermining work recently, to have evoked a purchase of a fake luxury car, then by revealing that Warano had spoken badly about Lacrim, and this while the artists have a liability (artistic) in common. A revelation that El Tigre had trouble digesting. This Saturday, October 16, the former reality TV star released new files. Insolent, a former member of the Parisian group L’Institut and one of Gims’ right-hand men, had insulted Blata a few days ago after this 1st affair linked to the Lamborghini Urus Venatus by Mansory (which the artist based in Marrakech had offered to his wife DemDem). However, the latter revealed in story that Inso Le Veritable, as he is nicknamed, would have contacted Blata in private in order to speak with him with a clear head. He would then have, according to the words of the influencer, confessed that Gims had recourse to witchcraft.

Messages revealed with Aarab Youssef…

Blata also asked Gims and his team not to blame Inso for this betrayal: “Don’t hit him, don’t do anything to him. He is not responsible for what you have done. You are all aware of what you are doing, you are all great people. You know what you did, it’s not up to him to suffer the consequences”. Obviously, Blata brings evidence to support his words. Insolent indeed sent him the content of his Instagram conversations with Aarab Youssef, a close and loyal partner of Meugui. We see Inso sending a message to his interlocutor, stating: “Salam you’re fine, I hope your guys in Morocco won’t talk about the story [..] Already Carla, B2O, Blatzer are killing her credibility (Carla Moreau had spoken of the use of witchcraft by Gims in vocals, Editor’s note). I warned you, we’re Muslims, we don’t have to get into that stuff (witchcraft, editor’s note), we’re counting on you, he doesn’t answer me, go ahead”.

Marc Blata reveals that Gims tackles Lacrim in private. El Tigre is very angry! [Vidéos]

In this regard, Blata said: “This message that Inso, overcome with remorse, writes to Aarab Youssef, who is a very good friend [de Gims]who basically says to him: “hey, I told you not to touch that, we are Muslims.” Brother, you can tell me anything you want, if you’re truthful, admit it, apologize, do whatever you want, but stop hiding behind phones pretending you don’t see our stories. Because it was your silence that made it all come out. Because otherwise, a phone call is arranged!

… and Demdem

The video sent to Blata also shows us the conversation between Demdem and Inso. The wife of Gims would also have unfollow the one who is nicknamed The real one after what she judges to be a betrayal. Reason why the latter had sent him a message, explaining: “I hope the guy with targa won’t talk otherwise bilou (nickname given to Gims by DemDem, Editor’s note) will never be able to get up. Good luck to you in this difficult time, Salam and refollow please, you’re my sister despite everything”. A message, once again, left visible by Wara’s companion, visibly upset against her former ally. The relationship therefore seems to have become strained between GI and his friend.

Booba reacts!

After his many stories, Blata added a last message which says a little more about the files he could be brought out, as he had announced the day before when talking about the affair between Gims and Lacrim: “The guys from Sexion if I didn’t post it’s to not show you, because it spoke badly about your women and they didn’t ask for anything. And I don’t wanna make you victims”. Much less empathetic, Booba encouraged his new ally to balance the files : “yeah but nah all piracy wants to see it’s dead bro we don’t let go!!!” In the process, he shared a photo of Gims’ friend, Aarab Youssef, wearing an Ünkut cap, a former Kopp brand. Slipping with irony that it would be a fake and calling on Inspector Blata to open an investigation into the subject. He also took the opportunity to address a new small tackle to Meugui on his sales figures, taking the opportunity to announce the release of a new title… The soap opera is therefore in full swing at the moment, and other revelations could still fall since the valves seem be open…

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Gims denounced for witchcraft by his right arm, Blata reveals everything [Vidéos]

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