Freedom or Levi’s

The company is so wokized, that the ex-future CEO, mother of two black children, has been ordered to apologize for his “racism”

Jennifer Sey, gymnastics champion in the years 1985-86 [1], has as much in the head as in the legs. The proof, she almost became the first female CEO of Levi’s. And she has even more on the buffet: she refused a million-dollar breakup to keep her freedom of speech or, as she puts it, “because after all these years, the company I love has lost sight of its values. [2]»

Said values, truth and common sense of their first names, are no longer worth anything on the Bourse du wokisme, but are still listed at 25th market, that of free thought.

During the Covid pandemic, as schools closed, Sey felt that the social costs far outweighed the health benefits, especially for “disadvantaged children in public schools, who most need the security and routine of school. » She has campaigned in the media and social networks for the reopening of schools in California. His original point of view earned him a trial for witchcraft: it is not good to follow any other road than that of good people, no more at Levi’s than at the “unpretentious village” of Brassens. “I’ve been called a racist (an odd accusation considering I have two black sons), a eugenicist, and a QAnon conspirator. »

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The gymnast is stubborn, that’s her least flaw

Over time, she retweeted a study showing a correlation between obesity and health problems: she was accused of fatphobia. She tweeted her opposition to the replacement of Mother’s Day with “people giving birth” on the grounds that it excluded mothers-in-law and adoptive mothers: she was called transphobic. The pompom is when she was accused of racism on the grounds that her wish to reopen schools in San Francisco showed her indifference to the death of black and brown children, many of whom are in these establishments … including her own children (blacks and whites) were part!

The company’s Diversity/Equity/Inclusion manager, considering logic as a flaw as bad as common sense, demanded that Sey make a “apology tour” near “Levi’s Black Community”, to be forgiven for being “an imperfect ally”.

She refused. As she refused a million dollar severance package, for not signing the non-disclosure agreement on the reasons for her ousting.

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This is how she was able to tell her story on Common Sense, the site founded by Bari Weiss, a journalist from the New York Times, who resigned because the truth was not there “not a process of collective discovery, but an orthodoxy already known to a handful of enlightened elected officials, whose job it is to inform everyone else. [3]»

The only difference between the New York Times and The worldis that the American does not take himself for the entire planet.

[1] Seven-time member of the United States Women’s National Team, National Women’s All-Around Champion in 1986



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Freedom or Levi’s

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