Francoeur prepares his first album

Where does your passion for music come from and why did you choose the name Francoeur?
It was my grandmother who laid the first stones of passion by taking me to church to sing in a choir. I then had the chance to meet a passionate music teacher in college who taught me to work and not stay on my laurels. I owe him a lot.
Francoeur, it’s a Russian doll’s name (there’s frank, there’s heart and there’s also resentment if you remove the “f”) that fell on me one evening following a fall in the heart of Paris , in the 18th, rue… Francoeur 🙂 He was a royal composer-musician. The sounds spoke to me, I decided to adopt it.

Can you tell us about your harpistic pop universe?
Francoeur is a creature living dangerously clinging to his dreams. It’s a pretty penetrating melancholy, intense and light as a feather, aiming straight to the heart. Francoeur is a hunter of emotions. A tightrope walker swinging on the strings of a harp. A luminous French pop – harpistic – which invites us to familiarize ourselves with the stars, to come as close as possible to the doors of our imagination and of ourselves. Without being afraid of what you can find there.
Emotion and dreams are the founding stones of my musical home. 🙂

What do you like about the harp?
Many things ! Its elegant shape straight out of a fantasy novel. The imagination it arouses, the aquatic sounds that easily flow from it. It is an idyllic companion for a dream hunter like me!

What will we find in your first album and what can we know about it?
We will find the harp in all its forms, many voices and choirs and a pop orchestration. Emotion too, I hope! It’s an album that took root during a period of withdrawal. From this were born songs that speak of human pain, those that sometimes (dis)unite us much more than we think. We are not only love and happiness and our flaws are beautiful. I needed to write more realistic texts even if the dreamer is never far away. It’s definitely an album to cry I think, ah ah! But crying is a great way to cleanse your heart 🙂

What are your sources of inspiration?
Human beings and their history(s). The novels. Lots of novels, I think if it was edible I would eat only that! Film music too (can we talk about the beauty of the Jurassic Park theme, that of Inception, Princess Mononoke, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, Titanic, Gladiator…) . Tales, legends, witchcraft. Enchantment 🙂

What importance do you give to the voice in your compositions?
It is essential. If I had to keep only one thing, I would keep the voice. It is my compass, it is organic and above all it accompanies me everywhere, in every place and with every emotion. It is my tool of expression. It’s what I hold most precious.

What can we know from the title Wolves ?
It’s a piece that talks about the weaknesses of the human being that disavows the animal that lurks in him. It is a call to reconnect with oneself, without lying to oneself, by accepting the good and the bad while making the courageous choice to tend towards the best version of oneself. We are a virtuous and dangerous species at the same time. Only our choices tip the balance one way or the other.

Would you like to tell us about studio recordings?
There is a behind the scenes video on my youtube channel that talks about it better than me. Take a look 🙂

Why do you do crowdfunding?
An album is a lot of time, thought and money. A large part is already financed but since I don’t have a production house each financial aid is a breath of fresh air to spread the wings of the adventure 🙂 The money collected via this participative kitty will be used to produce two clips to put the two 1ers singles. There are some great rewards up for grabs!

What will be the universe of the two clips you want to release?
We are currently in the middle of thinking! I can’t answer this question today, I’m still changing my mind too much ^^

What do you wish for the public with this first album?
The main message – not always pleasant by the way – is honesty.

Can you tell us an anecdote or an indiscretion?
Uhm… great question… I cried a lot while recording the album. There is even a song where, if you listen carefully, you can hear me singing with my nose, for having cried too much, hihi!

What memories do you have of your presence at the Panthéon for the final of the eloquence competition of Find your voice?
It was something, that’s for sure. I have a particular affiliation with stone, monuments, buildings. Time passing and leaving us testimonies. To sing in such a symbolic place, in which great characters rest, is almost to be part of history for a few minutes. I felt like I was part of something big and when you’re 1m55 like me, it’s not nothing ah ah!

Will you have the opportunity to meet the public on stage and what does that mean to you?
I can’t wait to get back on the road! The stage and the public are the reason why I chose to make my passion a job. If I sing it’s because it’s a magical power that connects people, living beings in general, to each other.

What do you want to say to end?
Never miss an opportunity to say I love you to your loved ones. Starting with you 🙂

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Francoeur prepares his first album

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