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Today, June 24, comes out Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes on nintendo Switch. A few days before the release, Koei-Tecmo and nintendo released a demo allowing you to fully enjoy the beginning of the adventure then transfer the save data to the full version, then continued the communication around the game, especially in Japan by regularly broadcasting images and videos, and by presenting them ash wolves. A Japanese advertisement was also published and speaking of Japan, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is on the front page of the latest magazine issues. Famitsu and nintendo dream. Plus, to celebrate the game’s release, Pop Up Parade figurines for Edelgard and Bernadetta were announced by Good Smile Company for an exit November 2022. Pre-orders have already started (Edelgard / Bernadetta) and we already know that Pop Up Parade figures from Dmitri and Felix will be on pre-order in July. Next, Claudius and Lysithea will also be entitled to their Pop Up Parade figurines, whose pre-orders will begin in August. Before looking at the rest of this article, we invite you to consult the old ones which are at this address.

1656039313 257 Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Ash Wolves overview latest

1656039314 620 Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Ash Wolves overview latest

  • Yuri Leclerc (voiced by Junya Enoki in Japanese): Born into a poor family in western Faerghus, Dimitri was adopted by a noble in the Kingdom and then enrolled in the Officers’ Academy. However, he was very quickly transferred to the underground city, the Abyss, for certain reasons… He is determined to fight for those who accept him no matter what. Its base class is Balladin. In addition to performing quick and cunning attacks with a sword, this class allows you to wield magic. With it, Yuri can also summon wind orbs that gather nearby enemies. These orbs explode after a while and knock enemies into the air.

  • Balthus von Albrecht (dubbed by Subaru Kimura in Japanese): former clan leader Albrechtwho are minor nobles of the Alliance, and best friend of Holst, Balthus is described as impulsive and rowdy, but also virile and reliable. He calls himself the “king of grappling”. For some reason, he had to hide in the Abyss to get rid of his pursuers. Its base class is battler. He can combine various attacks with no problem, and when the number of his hits exceeds a certain amount, his arms will glow like gold, which improves his attacks. Enemies he sends waltzing through the air in this state will drop gold, which can be collected after the battle.

  • constancy we New (voiced by Sarah Emi Bridcutt in Japanese): former heiress to the Viscountcy of Nuvelle, whose title was stripped during the war between Dagda and Brigid, Constance has the ambition to restore the honor of her family and researches magic to reach the heights of sorcery. Proud and dominating, she nevertheless has a side of self-mockery. Its base class is Gremory. It allows her to wield a wide variety of elemental magic and can also create magical orbs when attacking enemies. These orbs revolve around her and can be thrown forward whenever you want to hit a large area.

  • hapi (voiced by Sachika Misawa in Japanese): A woman of unknown origins and a lover of nature, Hapi treats everything with disinterest and is apathetic, as if everything that happens has nothing to do with her. Her reluctance to get involved with the people around her may be related to an abnormal sigh… Her base class is Enchanting. It allows him to form a barrage of magic projectiles whose element depends on the previous attack. Additionally, when she completes an attack, she creates a dark field that deals damage to enemies who enter it. It can also explode at any time.

Japanese advertisement and latest gameplay videos of the official Twitter account

Technical analysis

Digital Foundry released its own technical analysis. We learn for example that the resolution reaches 1080p in TV mode and about 648p in handheld mode most of the time. The game is running around 30 frames per second (more precisely between 33 and 36 fps, or even more in some cases), which is more thanHyrule Warriors : Age of Scourge which ran between 20 and 30 frames per second. The game also has fast loading times.

Reminder on the release of the game

Fire Emblem: Three Hopes is a signed production Koei Tecmo Games, Omega Force, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems. It follows a path similar to that ofHyrule Warriors : Age of Scourge, since it will be much more than a new Warriors / Musou game. Indeed, it is placed in the universe of Three Housesat Fodlan. In Europe and JapanNintendo and Koei Tecmo have released a limited edition that contains the game in physics (game card format), an artbook, a card of Fódlan in fabric, a set of 5 acrylic figures and a set of postcards. For any purchase of the downloadable version on theeShop, an Owl Perch is offered. The owl will sometimes come to perch in front of the personal quarters and by talking to him, he will perhaps offer us an owl feather allowing us to increase the support points with an ally. Voices are available in English and Japanese (without additional download), and there are of course French subtitles. In addition, a free demo is available, allowing full play at the start of the game (all information at this address).

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1653348839 98 Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Nouvelles videos infos

1653348839 924 Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Nouvelles videos infos

1653348840 745 Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Nouvelles videos infos

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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes – Ash Wolves overview, latest videos, technical analysis and images – Nintendo-Difference

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