Fight against gender-based violence in Boulgou: Women are dying in Zabré

Gender-based violence is recurrent in the locality of Zabré, a commune in the province of Boulgou In the region from Center-East. A exchange framework with women in the morning of June 04, 2022, at the town hall of Zabré, allowed us to get to grips with the situation. Not a single day goes by without that there is no complaints from victims anda least 3 cases of gender-based violence sonott registereds by Ibear in this locality, according to theSocial Action.

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Mariam Zinzoné, Secretary General of the Women’s Coordination of Zabré, launches a shout at the level of Non-Governmental Organizations and authorized structures for awareness sections, training workshops and others, to eradicate the phenomenon.

Il not a single day goes by without social action recording at least 03 cases of gender-based violence (GBV). According to the social action agent, GBV is recurrent in this locality and women are the first victims. There are several guys, according to his explanations. Domestic and family violence, land disputes, allegations of witchcraft and others. According to him, the phenomenon is garish in this locality and also complex.

If the collaboration between Gendarmerie and Police station is in good shape, this is not always the case with justice, which often does not feedback at our level “, entrusts Y. Dieudonné Ouoba head of social service in Zabré who we has assisted in discussions with local women. According to him, many victims abandon legal proceedings either for lack of means because the High Court of Tenkodogo, capital of the province, is 110 kilometers from Zabré.

Also, the lack of informations makes access to justice difficult for his women and the ignorance of the rights and texts also weighs heavily on these victims who do not know to what Holy to vow. Thereby, give up-they legal channels to withdraw into themselves.

VShowever, said Y. Dieudonné Ouoba, we are continuing to raise awareness because it is not easy. “ It must be admitted that the victims are also afraid to denounce because after, relationships between families then deteriorate only at the level of social action, we do everything for the amicable settlement so as not to dislocate the families because of the children he says.

Nolet’s shout of heart to the Organizations Non-Governmentalare and Authorized Structureses for training, awareness-raising, etc. on gender-based violence »

Ouoba social action officer in Zabré

Nowadays, We can say that we recorded several cases of gender-based violence “, hinted Mariam Zinzoné, Secretary General of the coordonator of the women of Zabré. Ithese are cases of low gender violenceyou recurring and we don’t know what to do.

We we thank you for your initiative and through your channel we ask Non-Governmental Organizationsare and structures empoweredes to come and hold training in our area on gender-based violence and even involveder men “, she launched.

Mariam Zinzoné tells us that thee case more serious was in 2021 with Awa Gouba victim, assault and battery on the part of her husband and of his co-wife. It was the Muslim community that called me and we sent ite at the Medical Center with Antenna of Zabre for his care » she underlines. After, we followed the steps to see how notwe let’s find a consensus in this pair.

When the gentleman’s family leftsquaree to come here for the resolution of the conflict, some same intimidated me to say that the family of the gentleman is traditionalist and that he could mebewitchede because i am a woman », hinted Mariam Zinzone. And soarsadrunk than when the family arrived Zabbreviated, She is went to them helloer and she their has explainee the situation and ask sorry to see their sons so that the two women get along.

This is the place for Mariam Zinzoné to salute the remarkable work of theHASsocial action in the resolution of certain rapesences and her promptness and his support alongside the victims. If some victims have refusedto relate their cases by fear of others by against have confided in us.

A scar from the lady chopped off by her husband and co-wife
A scar from the lady chopped off by her husband and co-wife

It all started with a trivial story “, tells us AB “My co-wife accused my 15 year old daughter of sitting on her sand which she had stored at home. She started beating the child violently. En as a mother, I got up to catch iter asking him for forgiveness. That’s when she started me beat too and that with the help of our husband.

They beat me violently, then they chopped mee on my head, my whole body and as if that wasn’t enough my husband bit my daughter, his own child for his wife. VoIthe one I was wearing was stained with blood and Ihe‘ve always because I nhedid not wash. I had to go out to go to the Gendarmerie and when I arrived the gendarmes had compassion and asked one of theirs to help me and they asked me what happened?

I have say that it was my husband and my co-wife who did this to me. They then told me accompaniedee in a health center where Ireceived care by the grace of god. When my husband saw that the case could go to court, so he did ultrasounds which revealed that my co-wife was pregnant and that I beat her and she lost the pregnancy.

And when we were in action social along with the case, he brought the ultrasound papers. And when we lefts at the gendarmerie, the gendarmes were surprised to hear such remarks coming from them. Because I am comee to the gendarmerie in a state critical and urgent. My orderednce cost more than 40000f CFA. »

About the pregnancy history, aand neighbor shouts at the lie of husband and co-wife. She has buttressed his remarks by admitting to having seen the co-wife in question doesD his daily prayers, something that is not done among Muslims. In effect in Muslim religion, he is not allowed to a woman in a state of impurity like menses, childbirth, false layers of making his prayers during these few days. I don’t even have a toilet or a kitchen. Either I shower late at night or very early in the morning “.

Still according to the explanations of A.B, She is a lady who took pity on her daughter and she took care of the child in charge and even made him make a vaccine like his father had bitten him. Ultimately, IHASsocial action translatedyou in court in order let justice decide. This is how one of the agents of theHASsocial action who was on duty here asked me to drop the case. Because I won’t be able to afford to continue the case and moreover, I can lose the lawsuit, since they already have documents justifying that the co-wife was pregnant and that I hit her until TO DO lose the pregnancy.

She is no longer stationed here, but asked his colleague who stayed to always give me food that comes for vulnerable people », indicated AB. And said thanksr very much this lady for his attention. But it’s not easy for me because my husband broke through the roof of my house and when it rains I have to stop until the rain stops. I don’t even have a toilet or a kitchen. Be I shower late at night ou very earlyt in the morning.

The day he broke through the roof the gneighborhood have reunited to warn him to leave me in peace otherwise he will have to deal with them. Since then he doesn’t care about me and the children », she lamented.

HAS the question of whythe brothers do not support her by building her a house. She responds in these terms: They don’t have it fact and besides I am the eldest of my family and my father, when he died, left land. Mknow how i am a woman, these lands are occupied by my brothers and I cannot say anything. If he had given me a portion, I could use it to build myself a house and live there

“Under the pretext of having extra-marital relations, I escaped one lightning who burned down my house »

BZ 42 years old, alias and mother of 7 children also took the opportunity to state his case. ” We were in Ivory Coast and itis when my husband fell sick that we ares go homes definitively in the village here. And that fait 10 years now that we are here but unfortunately my husband passed away a few months ago »she told us.

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Mariam Zinzone, secretary general of the women’s coordination of Zabré

Since our arrival here I have suffered with the children. my husband being sick, I have to do everything to be able to have something to eat. I sweep sand, I sell firewood and I am a laborer during wintering. First of all, I was accused of having returned my husband sick and when we ares comes mhis house was struck downe and the family said that it is because I commit sexual acts outside of marriage that the lightning wanted to kill me » she added. She recounts this tragedy with tearsx eyes.

Next she claims that when her husband died, she has summer accused to have killed him (in tearss). Mthe situation is precarious, but I cannot abandon the children because they are still small. My husband was helpless in the face of the situation given his state of health so I did everything to have the subsistence minimum. I have a daughter who is marriede and aother who passes the Patent of Undergraduate Studies thanks to supportsdand my big sister. I manage to pay the schooling of three others educated »

Another, who requested anonymity, was beaten by her husband in the last weekend of May. According to her, her husband made it known that a woman must be beatene and not’hadyou was the intervention of the Secretary General of the Coordination of Womensshe would have passede of life at death, according to his explanations.

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Fight against gender based violence in Boulgou Women are dying in


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Fight against gender-based violence in Boulgou: Women are dying in Zabré

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