FIF Presidency: a loan reacts, “Drogba or the symbol of Ivorian witchcraft”

Father Marius Hervé Djadji, Catholic ready, speaks out on the failure of Didier Drogba on Saturday April 23, 2022 at the head of the FIF.

First of all, I congratulate the new president of the FIF because football is a game. But beyond the game, the atmosphere in which this election took place is a textbook case that gives food for thought. For two years, the question of Drogba’s candidacy has been animating Ivorian salons, pots and offices. Instead of a battle of ideas, we are witnessing a veritable sorcery that stems from jealousy, hatred and gratuitous wickedness.

But when you step back, Drogba is the image of what all men and women of good will experience in their families, villages, regions and even at work. Drogba lives on a national level, what everyone lives on a smaller scale. In our families, villages and regions, many elders, our parents have given their time, money, often abandoning their own children for the success of others, for the development of the region or the clan. Unfortunately they experienced insults, ingratitude, wickedness and demonization.

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Many died poor without recognition, others are still discouraged living with stroke. This is why many executives no longer invest and stay in their corner. Drogba is also all those who, even today, give of themselves for the good of their region, village, circles of friends, colleagues and family but who are fought out of pure jealousy. Often you don’t even know why we fight you. They will applaud those who share crumbs and put them in a state of alienation. But they will uselessly fight those who would like to give them dignity.

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Today if you find people who are often not interested in extended family, friends, their village and their region, it is simply because they have lived what Drogba lives. So in the Drogba affair, it is God who shows everyone what people are going through in their living environment in Africa, simply because they want to bring new ideas, they offer things other than sharing silver. In moral education courses, the Drogba case must be taught in our schools.

Thanks to Drogba. Just remember that you have become the symbol of all those who died while committing themselves to others, the symbol of those who are disappointed because they fought wickedly, you are the symbol of all those who are insulted every day because they simply decided to invest themselves for their country, village, region, colleagues, friends and family. Drogba you won. Biyaa.

Father Marius Hervé Djadji

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FIF Presidency: a loan reacts, “Drogba or the symbol of Ivorian witchcraft”

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