Femicide and witchcraft at the assizes of Mayenne: “I had no reason to take his life”, 18 years in prison for having killed his wife with an ax

On May 26, 2019 a man killed his wife in northern Mayenne. In his defense, he maintains that he was bewitched.

Strange system of defense for two days at the assizes of Mayenne. A man was on trial there, accused of the murder of his wife on May 26, 2019 in Lassay-les-Châteaux. Recognized guilty Tuesday evening at the Laval court, after 2 days of trial he receives 18 years of criminal imprisonment. Advocate General Céline Maigné after a relentless and particularly documented indictment had asked for 22 years.

Killed with an ax

During these trial days, Ndomba Mayoni, 71, always recognized the act itself. He was also the one who had called the police. They discover a terrible scene.

In the middle of the night, he has just struck 4 blows with an ax to his wife Mambou, 64 years old. A woman married to him for 50 years. The couple has 6 children, the youngest of whom, a severely handicapped young adult, still lives with them.

But now, some time after his arrest he begins to invoke a trance.

“It wasn’t me anymore” he keeps repeating. “I was bewitched, marabouted.” By who ? According to him by one of his brothers who lives in Canada. This against the backdrop of a family dispute. On the side of the civil parties: his children, and the prosecution, no one gives credit to his statements.

“We must take witchcraft seriously”

If the accused is of Congolese origin, we are far from certain African environments where the local culture must share its mysteries and values ​​with beliefs and sorcerers. Despite this, his lawyers, too, have chosen this system of defense.

Master Serfati, will even evoke the work of the ethnologist Jeanne Favret-Saada, at the beginning of the 70s in Mayenne. At the time, she had investigated for two years and written a book on witchcraft in the Mayenne countryside. He will go so far as to declare, peremptorily, “We must take witchcraft seriously”.

As is the rule, the last opportunity to speak is given to the accused. And in a very long conclusion (he will be cut off by the President of the Court), after sending his family his apologies and his regrets, he explains the paradox… This is proof that he was under the influence of a spell, because his wife, “he loved her” he said.

She also had many human qualities, which will be confirmed by the investigation and the testimony of her friends. With this argument repeated several times, “She was a caring wife and mother, I had no reason to take her life.”

An attempt at justification, perhaps with sincere accents, which will provoke the tears of one of her daughters, present in the room. Because shortly before, it was also the lawyer for the civil parties, Maître Dirickx, who had reminded him of the very strong ties which united the victim to his children and grandchildren. Those who called her “Grandma of love”.

And then there is also the taking of medication which could have explained this crazy gesture. From Seresta. An anxiolytic with sometimes dangerous side effects. But for doctors, the low doses absorbed do not explain this sudden moment of dementia.

The jurors therefore softened the verdict. 4 years less than the Advocate General’s request. Perhaps the real involvement and investment of Ndomba Mayoni in the association “Handicapés sans Frontières” played in his favour. Or did they hear one of the pleas of his councilors, “he is 71 years old, do not condemn him to die in prison”.

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Femicide and witchcraft at the assizes of Mayenne: “I had no reason to take his life”, 18 years in prison for having killed his wife with an ax

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