Feel Good: 5 well-being films to watch to boost your good mood!

By Manuella Kiala

– Posted on 08 Nov 2022 at 06:00

– Updated on 08 Nov 2022 at 10:35

Good vibes movies are very underrated. Sure, we love hard-hitting Marvels, but when we’re in a bad mood, watching a feel-good movie helps lift our spirits. If you’re looking for a good mood booster, take a look at our selection!

None of the films we offer you will make you cry, and your neurons will be in “rest” mode. Your mind can take advantage of this moment to take a well-deserved break. After digging through the records of netflixDisney+, Amazon Prime … We found some great feel-good movies. Are you comfortable with something to drink and snack on? It is then time for us to reveal our list to you:

Shrek 2:

Who doesn’t love Shrek? In addition to being funny, this nice ogre will make you smile! In this second film, Shrek and Fiona will have returned from their honeymoon. Fiona’s parents, (the rulers of Far Far Away), invite them to their castle. But still not liking his son-in-law, the king of Far Far Away, will set up a scheme so that a fairy takes Shrek away from his daughter.

You can watch this classic on the Netflix platform.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone:

This iconic saga has the gift of bringing everyone back to childhood! In this first episode ofHarry Potter, the young boy discovers on his eleventh birthday that he is orphaned by two powerful wizards and that they possess unique magical powers.

If you are a suspense and sci-fi fan. You will fall for this film. Watch the entire saga on Amazon Prime.

Girls Trip:

Having not seen her long-time friends for several years, Rayn Pierce decides to take her friends with her to the Essence Festival in New Orleans, to find their bond. But the trip will not go as planned, it will be filled with adventures, each funnier than the next.

This film is ideal if you want to let yourself be carried away on crazy adventures! Find the film feel good on Amazon Prime.

Mama Mia! Here we go again:

Like Bridget Jones, Mama Mia movie is a must! If you liked Mama Mia 1, this second part will seduce you just as much. You will find Sophie who is preparing for the grand reopening of the Bella Donna hotel. Thanks to her mother’s two best friends, Sophie will learn more about her past and that of an American architect.

Find this classic on Netflix!

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If your hormones are in full boiling, this film will please you because a lot of sexy men who strip.

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Feel Good: 5 well-being films to watch to boost your good mood!

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