Drunk, he tries to kill his neighbors after having invoked sorcery at the Plaine-des-Cafres:

It is 8 p.m. in the court of Saint-Pierre this Thursday, September 15 when the Eddy Métro case is judged. The accused is on the run after escaping from prison on June 9, but the victims are present. Between fear and a permanent state of shock, they agree to testify about their “night of horror”.

On November 27, 2020, the evening was not calm at the 23rd kilometer in the Plaine des Cafres sector. Eddy Metroone of the neighbors, is blind drunk and keeps the street from sleeping. Dimitri Lauret, lives in the house opposite and asks him to be quiet. The latter informs him that he will call the police for night noise. This is when the evening changes and takes a completely different turn around 10 p.m. “Very annoyed by my husband’s remark, Mr. Metro left his house. His wife tried to calm him down. He replied: either I kill you. Either it’s Dimitri. So he came to our house armed” , testifies his neighbor Madame Lauret.

At 10:45 p.m., Eddy Métro crosses the street. He climbs the balcony and shoots three times at the bay window and tries to enter the house. The family barely had time to close the doors of their house and take refuge upstairs. “I had my four-month-old baby in my arms. We called the police at the same time. I was very scared. At one point I wondered: will I be a widow? Will my children be orphans? “

23 hours. The police arrive. The neighbor fled. He is arrested a few meters further completely drunk. Many weapons were found in his vehicle: two semi-automatics, a shotgun, a sniper rifle and plenty of ammunition. He will explain to the police: “I drank a lot of rum and invoked witchcraft. I will seek strength at Sitarane’s grave.”

Not found since June

Eddy Métro is not unknown to the police. With already five convictions to his credit especially forr refusal to comply and theft with violence. He was imprisoned in November 2020 for four months and prohibited from returning to the Plaine des Cafres sector. He does not take this into account and regularly returns to his home to come and see his family.

In November of the same year, he attacked other neighbours, the Clain couple. They complain about the noise at night, which again irritates Eddy Métro. He crosses the street and points his gun at the Clain family present that evening. “We called the police, they didn’t come. We had to wait for a traffic check on May 6, 2022 for him to be arrested”, testifies the couple. Eddy Métro returns to prison, but escapes on June 9, 2022 from Saint-Pierre prison. “We do not know by what mystery, ironically the public prosecutor, when we have such a madman in nature … it’s scary. It’s a cursed file.”

This Thursday, September 15, facing the judge, the victims are still in shock and live in fear. “He said he would come and finish what he started,” testifies powerless in the face of the situation, Dimitri Lauret. The former truck driver has not been able to return to work for two years. His wife, a liberal nurse, continues hers “But I’m on the phone all day with my husband. I’m afraid for the children. Before, we took them to school on foot. Today it’s by car. We know he’s prowling the neighborhood . We saw his vehicle parked at his house several times, and his wife is a few months pregnant.”

Eddy Métro is sentenced by default this Thursday, September 15 after more than an hour of hearing at three years in prison with a two-year suspended sentence. A second arrest warrant is issued against him. The victims are still waiting for the arrest of their former neighbor so that they can try to live again.

Carla Bucero Lanzi

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Drunk, he tries to kill his neighbors after having invoked sorcery at the Plaine-des-Cafres:

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