Did Carla attempt suicide? Maeva Ghennam restores the truth!

Carla Moreau is at the heart of a scandal. According to the sensational revelations of her ex-best friend Maeva Ghennam, she would have used witchcraft to shine in reality TV. Zoom on this wacky machination.

This weekend, an astonishing story buzzed on social networks: Carla Moreau would have used voodoo, a religion assimilated to occult practices such as witchcraft, against her comrades Manon and Julien Tanti, Jessica and Thibault Garcia and Maeva Ghennam, her best friend.

This practice would consist in recovering hair or fingernails from a person to bind it to a voodoo doll, a torture doll. It is pointed out that this religion is very often demonized, so is it a myth or a reality?

Maeva Ghennam announces that she has been the victim of witchcraft on the Web

This must have been very surprising to netizens. The latter discovered this weekend a very intriguing post from the darling of Greg Yega. In it, Maeva announces that she has been the victim of a spell from a close friend:

Story Marc Blata Marc Blata

It is therefore with great difficulty that Maeva shared this long text on the Web. At that time, Internet users tried to find the identity of this person. After a few minutes of research, they discovered that Maeva was no longer following Carla Moreau.
On the side of Ruby’s mom, it’s radio silence.

overwhelming evidence

This isMarc Blata, blogger known for his “crusty” information, who disclosed proof of Carla Moreau’s consultations on the Web.

According to him, “she (editor’s note, Carla) got engulfed in something very dark, very dark, immoral as one could wish”. It was therefore during consultations with a psychic with a bad reputation that Carla would have resorted to “witchcraft”, voodoo. It would be one of the sisters of this woman who would have revealed her dubious practices.

On his Snapchat account, Marc shared very strange voice recordings and videos between Carla and her psychic, whom she allegedly dated several years ago when she wanted to become famous. A chilling conversation.

Among the leaked evidence, we can see a video of the clairvoyant stealing a voodoo doll which was supposedly intended for Maeva Ghennam and Stéphanie Clerbois. To this, the darling of Kevin Guedj would then have replied by text:

I hope it’ll work. […] It is really necessary that they no longer do the Marseillais (note, Manon and Julien)

I still matter more than Kevin on TV. That is to say that Benjamin and Florence only listen to me, I’m the star of the program, I do what I want in this program. And if we have to remove Julien and Manon’s wedding in the next season to replace it with me and Kevin, we do that too.

Audios Carla Moreau and her seer

Shattering revelations that obviously went around the web in just a few hours.

Maeva Ghennam denies Carla’s suicide attempt

Supported by many reality TV candidates since this weekend, in particular Julien, Manon or even Nabilla and Hilona, ​​many Internet users are wondering about the truth of this story!

Rumors have also surfaced on the Web about a possible suicide attempt by Carla Moreau who would have liked to end it because of this difficult situation. Maeva Ghennam then wanted to make an update on this information which has grown a lot:

I’ve seen the rumors like you that Carla attempted suicide. I was very worried. All night I called Kevin. He was well surrounded. To reassure you, Carla has not made any suicide attempts.

She announced on her Snapchat account this Monday, March 1.

Something to reassure his loved ones but also his 3 million subscribers. For the moment Carla Moreau has not reacted to the controversy that swells day after day on social networks.

If for Maeva Ghennam, their friendship is well and truly over, Kevin Guedj has not yet reacted to the accusations against his fiancée. According to Marc Blata, the latter would not be aware of this story…

This Monday evening, the blogger intends to reveal new evidence and new names of reality TV candidates who would also have used “black magic” to achieve their end.

In the video at the top of the article, discover the creepy videos of Marc Blata on these possible exchanges between Carla Moreau and the clairvoyant.

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Did Carla attempt suicide? Maeva Ghennam restores the truth!

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