Cheese or sex-toy, the Advent calendar is available in all sauces

Before christmas time, it’s Advent time. On this Thursday, December 1, many French people, young and old, woke up with a single idea in mind: to discover what is hidden in the first box of their Advent calendar. And if, traditionally, these calendars distilled small delicacies daily before D-Day, it has now been a long time since brands are no longer limited to that. Now, you can find everything there, from the most unusual to the sexiest object. Anthology in five categories…

For the drinkers

Many beer brands now offer Advent calendars to drink with friends and in moderation. Note the one published by Bières de France which offers a selection of 24 beers made by French artisanal micro-breweries. Or that of Beer experience which, on the contrary, allows you to discover beers from different countries of the world.

Of course, this also exists for other alcohols. We were particularly struck by the very beautiful “24 days of rum” 2022 edition in the boxes of which are hidden 24 miniature bottles of 2 cl of rum from all over the world.

For the hungry

Even before the drinking calendars, the bulk of the troop obviously concerns food. And there, there is something for everyone. Thus, several butchers in the Dordogne have released one with mini-sausages in various flavors such as walnuts, parmesan or chorizo. There is one whose surprises revolve around AOP walnuts: oil, cakes, biscuits, jam or even cream. More fragrant, a calendar conceals in its small boxes different cheeses. Designed by the Fromager Box, in addition to an assortment of 24 raw milk cheeses, this calendar contains the utensils necessary for tasting.

For the mystics

Some calendars are meant to feed your mind rather than your stomach. Nature et Découvertes has notably published the “Sacred Feminine” whose surprises are supposed to bring you to transcendental plenitude. In the same vein, there is a “witches box” to learn about modern witchcraft, mystical healing, astrology or fortune-telling.

To break the routine

Very far from the first origin of Advent, there are calendars published by brands of sex toys. Inside, more or less sophisticated sexual objects, naughty candles, even hotter oils… In short, enough to spend happy moments.

Less expensive, but no less daring, there are also calendars in the form of posters with boxes to scratch off. Under each box, challenges to be carried out as a couple: dinner by candlelight, sensual massage, dance and many others that we let you discover.

For animals

Because yes, our pet critters also have the right to have a blast before Christmas. There are Advent calendars for dogs, cats and even rodents. If most contain small sweets, there are some with toys. The “Pet star”, for cats, contains 24 balls of different shapes and colors that will all inevitably end up under the dresser in the living room.

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Cheese or sex-toy, the Advent calendar is available in all sauces

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