Carla Moreau pregnant with her second child: the photo that sows doubt

Featured in every show Marseilles since 2016, Carla Moreau was known for her fits of jealousy. Very in love with Kevin Guedj, baptized “The Jaguar”, the sparkling blonde had a hard time cashing in on her infidelities for several years. Parents of a little Ruby since 2019, engaged since 2020, then married since January 26, 2022, Carla and Kevin have finally found their balance. Alone against all since the witchcraft scandal, the couple moved away from the Marseillais and are currently filming The Battle of the Clans against the JLC Family.

Very mother hen, Carla has never hidden her desire to start a big family with her darling. Moreover, a photo unveiled by the reality TV candidate seems to show a small rounded belly. Soon a little brother or a little sister for Ruby?

Carla pregnant with her second child? This shot says it all

Who would have thought that Kevin Guedj would have become this caring dad and husband today? Today, the ex-candidate of Marseilles lives only for his little family. Crazy in love with his daughter Ruby, we feel that he would not be against a second child to enlarge the siblings. According to one of the last photos posted by Carla Moreau, the couple may be expecting their second child.

Indeed, the young mother has put forward what looks like a babybump, a small rounded belly (see the photo in the video below).

And according to Instagram account @insaw_tv, Bastos and Kevin will announce that Carla is pregnant in the contestant’s next YouTube video. If some believe in Carla’s pregnancy, others claim that it is a buzz shot.

The young woman would take advantage of her pounds gained in her last years to sow doubt. Besides, a lot of fans think that she has redone her chest. But on the contrary, Carla Moreau, accused of having secretly had recourse to cosmetic surgery, would like to reduce the size of her chest.

Carla still jealous of Kevin Guedj’s exes?

Following the witchcraft affair, Carla and Kevin Guedj were shunned by their family of Marseilles. Far from wanting to leave the world of reality TV, the couple created their own show, The Mifbefore currently filming in The Battle of the Clans against the JLC Family in Las Terrenas, in the villa of The Battle of Couples. After being discovered in The Villa of Broken Hearts 7, Joezi joined this new program. And the darling of Lucie Mariotti would have found love before going to the Dominican Republic. In effect, Joezi would be in a relationship with Orélie Assouline (10 Perfect Couples 4).

While the pretty brunette was to join her darling on the set, Carla Moreau would have given her a nice stop!

The candidate would have been ousted at the last minute at the request of Kevin’s wife since it is an ex-girlfriend of the Jaguar. “Carla knew that Orélie had gone out with Kevin at the time, 7 years ago I believe. So when she learned that, Carla would have put a spoke in the wheels so that she does not integrate the villa. As a result, Orélie will not find Joezi on the set”, according to blogger Vaarruecos.


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Carla Moreau pregnant with her second child: the photo that sows doubt

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