Cameroon: a society of the wicked

Posted on 31.10.2022 at 08:48 by Dr Richard Makon

Evil only triumphs where there is plenty of the wicked, and widespread resignation from the good. It’s known !

What is also bad is that Cameroon is plagued by evil, in its various guises (nepotism, favouritism, clientelism, tribalism, corruption, theft, pornography, witchcraft, etc.), because Cameroonians are big bad guys, jealous of the “success”, “success” and “merits” of others.

The proof, there is only to see the relentlessness with which we work to destroy the reputation built up with difficulty by our brothers, to sabotage the works patiently built by our sisters! We are a people of disbelievers and jealous people! And jealousy, let us remember, is the most common expression of witchcraft.

Our society abhors brilliant people, bearers of light, people of distinction who shine in their professional fields or in their activities. What is more, when these people do not allow themselves to be castrated politically, and decide to keep a minimum of freedom of critical speech. A manhunt is immediately engaged…

Look at the humiliations suffered by *Jean-Marc Ela, Fabien Eboussi Boulaga or Manu Dibango? Many other compatriots, at the moment, in an institution, a project, an activity, are suffering the same violence from the AMN (Association des Méchants de la Nation*).

We ordinary people think we are escaping them, but for how much longer? When they run out of shinies to destroy, we will fall prey to them, even by default. The wicked don’t rest!

Elsewhere where national champions are celebrated and praised, failing to build them, in Cameroon they hunt down anyone who has dared to extract themselves from the slush of mediocrity, from the army of the ignorant, to build their own little place. in the sun, to climb up to the horizon of lights.

This is why our society strives, on the contrary, to raise counter-models. Under cover of discretionary power, the public contract is only awarded to the weakest of bidders, and the most incompetent, very often a notorious illiterate, is always appointed above brilliant and/or competent people, to break their ability to resist oppression, to challenge negligence, to rebel against ignominy.

The day when in this country we presented a “*Feyman*” on national television, at a prime time, as the perfect model of success in our society, because he had succeeded in the feat of extorting money to Saudi businessmen and “leased” a private jet, that day not only hung meritocracy high and short, but also doomed school, hard work, skill and effort to praise.

Favoritism, tribalism, nepotism and other forms of bigotry are only figures of our wickedness. A country that stagnates in poverty is first and foremost a country of sorcerers. And no emergence, no development, is possible under these conditions, where no one has the right to escape from the cave, to emerge from “the great night” before life!

Development is only possible with a culture of progress and excellence, promotion of competence and merit. All things that are contrary to jealousy, wickedness and witchcraft which do not go well with light. This is also why the wizarding villages are always poor, dirty and dark, like many neighborhoods in our country.

We urgently need a *Collective Exorcism*! But already, at your level, if your brother’s success or merit takes your sleep away, it’s time for you to ask for help…

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Cameroon: a society of the wicked

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