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In a gigantic livestream event hosted by Calpheon Ball in Long Beach, California, Pearl Abyss ended 2022 on a high, revealing details about the MMO’s first-ever twin classes, along with a sneak peek at a new region coming to Black Desert Online next year.

Calpheon Ball 2022 was Pearl Abyss’ first major event in North America, kicking off the excitement for fans in attendance and on Twitch. Pearl Abyss has previewed what players can expect from The Ball, revealing its new twin classes, the Maegu and the Woosa, coming to Black Desert Mobile and Black Desert PC and Console respectively.

Twin classes: Maegu and Woosa

The Maegu who arrives in Black Desert Mobile uses her main weapon, the Horyeongbu, to wield the power of the magical fox to charm and defend in battle. In this fast-paced game, the magic school witch Jwado attacks with fluidity and grace. The launch of Maegu on mobile is scheduled for December 13.

Maegu is not only coming to Mobile, but also to PC in January 2023, pitting the two sisters against each other on the same platform.

The Woosa class, on the other hand, are steeped in Taoist sorcery, wielding magic and its magic array with moves that are both elegant and deadly. Today’s class presentation previewed a few of the moves players can use while wielding the Woosa, such as the Stormfall skill which allows the Woosa class to swing their magic fan to create a massive storm. around her, dealing area of ​​effect damage to everyone around her (and even more). Woosa will be available on Black Desert PC on December 14, as well as on Xbox and PlayStation consoles on the same day.

Cloudrise, meanwhile, allows Woosa to summon a dark cloud over the heads of his enemies, showering them with a deadly storm, which can be used in succession to deal even more damage, and is particularly useful when ‘she’s woven into combo attacks. Wingbeat has also been highlighted, the Black Desert Online class increasing its fan size, dealing high damage, and when comboing can expand the damage area for even greater results.

New Region: Land of the Morning Clear

In 2023, Black Desert will launch its next major region, Land of the Morning Light. This region, heavily influenced by the myths and history of Korea’s last dynastic kingdom, the Joseon Kingdom, is also home to the new Woosa class.

Trailer unveiled at Calpheon Ball shows a land steeped in ancient history, teeming with demons, ghosts, mythical creatures like the Nine-Tailed Fox and the Great Sangoon Tiger, ancient kingdoms, and more .

Additionally, Pearl Abyss announced that Haso Eastern Civilization has been getting an overhaul, aimed at making the region a little more accessible to players. Meanwhile, the Great Desert Shahzad in Black Desert Mobile has been expanded, with players able to take part in PvP action, as well as adventure in search of treasure along the way,

This is the first Calpheon Ball held in North America. Jaehee Kim, executive producer of Black Desert, praised the event, highlighting Pearl Abyss’ role as an international studio.

“Hosting our first Calpheon Ball in North America was a huge milestone for Black Desert and the team at Pearl Abyss. The fact that the livestream is available in nine different languages, from Korean to Japanese to English and Spanish, means a lot to Pearl Abyss as an international studio. Kicking off our event with new characters Woosa and Maegu, which are just the tip of the iceberg of our next big update, is just one of the many fun and exciting ways we plan to serve our players in the future.”

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Calpheon Ball 2022: Black Desert Highlights Twin Classes, Reveals The Land Of The Morning Light Will Be Available In 2023 – Persistent Worlds

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