Bones discovered in a Masonic temple in Trébons: the conclusions of a first medical opinion

After the discovery of bones in the basement of a house in Trébons by two youtubeurs, the Parquet of Tarbes shares a first medical opinion on their origin.

The discovery of two youtubers caused a stir in the small village of Trébons, and raised controversy on the web. At the end of November, Jo Urbex and Adrien Urbex, two explorers of unusual abandoned places, introduced themselves with a third person into the basement of a house in Trébons, previously spotted on Google Maps, with the aim of filming the next episode. from their respective YouTube channels.

But the nocturnal exploration quickly chilled the team when they discovered a skull, several jawbones and other bones, in one of the rooms of this building, which looks like a Masonic temple, where many objects and documents in connection with Freemasonry were taken on board for analysis (in addition to the bones), by the gendarmes alerted by the explorers.

An anatomical skeleton?

If the former owner and builder of the premises, a former anesthesiologist, is no longer around to explain the origin and nature of the bones found, and since entrusted to the Criminal Research Institute of the National Gendarmerie (Ircgn ), the Tarbes Public Prosecutor’s Office relies on a first medical opinion to rule out the criminal trail.

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“The “bones” discovered could correspond to an anatomical skeleton which served as an object of study in medicine. Despite the fantasies that these videos have been able to maintain on the internet and if it is advisable to remain cautious, it therefore seems that the criminal trail can be dismissed subject to the checks still to be carried out. And for good reason, the report of the Irgn is not expected for several weeks, even several months.

Explorers singled out

The press release from the Parquet de Tarbes, which wants to be cautious before the final conclusions of the specialized institute, points to the content of the videos broadcast since by the two explorers on their Youtube channels, viewed by thousands of Internet users. first elements (which remain to be substantiated), the people who entered the house in question would have added false information to create sensationalism. »

Reproaches to which Jo Urbex and Adrien Urbex have also been confronted on the web after having, among other things, evoked potential sacrifices and rituals of witchcraft. In a joint video broadcast this weekend, the two youtubers defended themselves from having wanted to make the buzz. “You have to put things in context. That evening, it was dark, it was raining, we discovered the place, surgical equipment, bones, a white circle on the ground… Yes, I said in my video that it made me think of sacrifices, but I didn’t I never said that the owner was involved,” says Jo Urbex. “And if we had staged everything, why call the gendarmerie?”

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Contacted, the daughter of the anesthesiologist, now owner of the premises, did not wish to comment on the press release from the Tarbes prosecutor’s office and assured that she will share her position on the case when the gendarmerie investigation will be definitively closed. Last week, she warned that she would systematically file a complaint with the gendarmerie against the curious who will try to break into her property illegally.

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Bones discovered in a Masonic temple in Trébons: the conclusions of a first medical opinion

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