Astrology: this daily habit that we should copy from Americans

Astrology is an ancient discipline that has been part of human culture since ancient times. Its origins date back to a time when only privileged and learned elites possessed this knowledge. Today, in the age of the Internet and thanks to applications such as Instagram and Tik Tok, it is on the rise all over the world and in all social classes.

Astro: a resurgence in global popularity after the pandemic

The fact is that astrology is gaining popularity all over the world. Until now, it was rather associated with witchcraft and suffered from a dark reputation. In France, it is still today for certain generations, assimilated to a caricature of the morose medium and to fatalistic predictions.

On the other side of the Atlantic, on the other hand, there is nothing cooler and trendier than applying astrology to everyday life. And we’re not just talking about the newspaper horoscope read hastily with morning coffee. In the United States and Latin America, people go much further.

The inhabitants of these countries know the planetary movements and follow them. They are aware of the news of the stars, almost as they are for many other current affairs. For them, it is an important and serious question which is a permanent part of their life.

Why include astrology in daily life?

After almost two years of uncertainty, much of humanity has experienced the greatest moments of loneliness of their lives. The sadness of losing loved ones to the coronavirus and the isolation has created deep angst in many of us.

For astrology professionals, the new popularity of this practice is not surprising. People need to hold on to something that gives them faith in times of crisis. Astrology is neither a science nor a religion, and it allows you to connect with yourself in a personalized way. Your birth chart belongs only to you and can serve as a map to guide you through the trials of life.

This has the advantage of learning things about yourself. Living in a hyperconnected world leads to great exposure to the lives of others. Social networks generate a lot of bad feelings in young people and adults, due to the constant comparison and the need to constantly show their best side.

Astrology can help to better know and accept yourself. It gives, like any therapy, the power to act on the things that do not satisfy you and to talk about emotions by accepting strengths and weaknesses as an integral part of your personality. The “astrological memes” (web graphic jokes) that abound in social networks, also allow us to play down our complexes and our faults, which helps us to see astrology as an ally in the search for psychological well-being.

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Millennials and Gen Z, more spiritual generations than the previous ones?

According to Pew Research Center, more than 60% of younger generations of Americans believe in spirituality. The new generations are less inclined than the previous ones to believe in God or adhere to a religious doctrine, according to the BBC. Astrology would then be a fashion, not so new and rather beneficial for our societies. It could help individuals connect to something greater and transcendent, shifting the focus of their lives away from their own ego. This is increasingly the case with the advent of social networks. This can be invaluable in times of social instability that we are going through.

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Astrology: this daily habit that we should copy from Americans

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